Hypocrite Trudeau Refuses To Remove Hateful & Bigoted MPs From Liberal Caucus

Meanwhile, the Liberals are trying to distract attention from their failures by trying to get everyone to talk about Michael Cooper.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying desperately to keep everyone focused on the controversy surrounding Michael Cooper.

Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault is escalating the government rhetoric against the Conservatives, as reported by the CP:

“Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer should eject colleague Michael Cooper from the Tory caucus over things the MP said about online hate in a parliamentary hearing last week, says a Liberal MP.

Edmonton Centre MP Randy Boissonnault says Scheer’s decision to remove Cooper from the committee that held the hearing, but not from caucus, shows there’s a “revolving door” for bigots in the Conservative party.”

Yet, as we’ve seen, it’s in fact the Trudeau Liberals that have a “revolving door” for bigots and hateful MPs.

Bill Morneau called Lisa Raitt a “neanderthal.”

Ahmed Hussen called Lisa MacLeod “un-Canadian” for opposing illegal border crossings.

Kent Hehr – facing sexual harassment allegations – is still in the Liberal Caucus, despite Trudeau claiming he has ‘zero tolerance’ for it. Of course, Trudeau didn’t apply that ‘zero tolerance’ to himself.

Catherine McKenna routinely demonizes the millions of Canadians who support the Conservatives, calling them ‘deniers,’ and trying to imply that Conservatives somehow can’t be Canadian.

We’ve also repeatedly seen the Liberals act in a bigoted and hateful way towards Patriotic Canadians, as Trudeau and his cronies constantly accuse people of being ‘racist’ just for wanting our border laws enforced or for opposing Trudeau’s weak approach to terrorism.

Additionally, Trudeau and the Liberals keep pushing identity politics, splitting the country apart and turning Canadians against each other for their own selfish political gain. Instead of ‘Sunny Ways,’ Trudeau is trying to use every possible fault line to split Canada, and then hopes that the split will somehow help him keep power – not caring how much damage it could do.

What makes all of this even more sickening is the fact that Trudeau and the Liberals push their hateful and divisive attitude, while claiming that the hate is only on the other side. They accuse their opponents of what they themselves are doing, and by repeatedly demonizing Canadians who disagree with them, they hope to scare everybody into submission.

We can’t let the Liberals get away with their hateful and bigoted and divisive lies. The Conservatives shouldn’t listen to a damn thing the Liberals say about Michael Cooper, and should instead be demanding that Trudeau removes his hateful MPs from the Liberal Caucus immediately.

Spencer Fernando


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Excellent article. Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberals – their tactics are typical of the extremist left.

David MacKAY

Liberal Bigotry and Insanity are championed bye Trudeaus Canadian Press as the “New Normal” and tax paying liberal fools agree


The Lieberals have taken the art of being hypocritical to new levels

martin potashner

hes a bigot himself what do you expect

Denise Neil

I just made a comment similar to this on another article. The hypocrisy of this current Liberal administration makes me physically ill.

David MacKAY

The Liberals can do whatever they want – they are the ruing/dictatorship party. Canada does not have en effective means to remove them unless an election is called. What happens if the Liberals don’t call the election? – who will make them?
Trudeau’s behavior appears to be deliberately ratchetting up the possibility of a Chaotic event to justify postphoning any eledction

Iona Chamberlin

What did Pierre Trudeau tell us In the seventies global cooling, ice age…his son..??