MMIWG: As National Inquiry Report Released, Instead Of Helping Indigenous Women The Trudeau Government Is Giving Hundreds Of Millions More Taxpayer Dollars To Foreign Countries

The Trudeau government once again shows their priorities are about looking good on the world stage, rather than actually helping people within our own country.

The National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls has been released.

Yet, the Trudeau Liberal government isn’t focused on helping women in Canada here at home.

Instead, they’re doubling-down on virtue-signalling for the foreign press, and are giving away even more of our taxpayer dollars to foreign countries.

The Trudeau government has launched what they’re calling the ‘Global Equality Fund.’ The government claims the fund is for women’s rights around the globe.

The government is giving $300 MILLION of our taxpayer dollars to the foreign fund, money that is forcibly taken from Canadian taxpayers through our taxes and is then given away outside our country.

That’s $300 million that could have gone to help women here in Canada, including the many Indigenous Women who face significant barriers to opportunity and prosperity.

But nope, that’s not what the Trudeau government is focused on – even as the National Inquiry report is received.

Instead, they’re focused on foreign countries and giving away our money so the elitist politicians can go to their swanky dinners and foreign events and brag about ‘how much they’re doing,’ even though it’s not their money that they’re giving away.

In what is likely a cynical move to defend against this criticism, the government has claimed that they’re giving $10 million for groups helping ‘Indigenous women innovators,’ but – even if that’s happening – that’s a tiny amount compared to the $300 million they’re giving away overseas. And considering the broken promises of the Liberals, will any of that money ever really get to anyone?

If the government really wanted to help Canadians, they would be giving that $300 million to help people in Canada – not give it away to other countries.

Beyond that, if the government really, truly wanted to help Canadians – particularly Indigenous Women – they would be supporting the growth of the Canadian energy industry, which creates tremendous potential wealth for Indigenous Canadians. But instead, the government is crushing the industry and destroying those opportunities.

Despite what is clearly a huge failure to focus on Canadians, Monsef is already bragging, pushing the virtue-signalling to new levels retweeting a tweet that calls this the largest government contribution in history:

Today’s funding announcement from @MaryamMonsef will be the single largest gov contribution made to #womensrights in history. The @Equality_Fund combines global feminist grantmaking & innovative investments to transform funding for women’s orgs & mvmts.

Here’s the problem:

If that’s actually true, if this is the largest investment made to ‘global equality’ by a government in history, then that actually represents a betrayal of Canadian taxpayers.

Canada doesn’t have the world’s largest economy. Canada doesn’t have the largest per-capita GDP. So if Canada is giving more taxpayer dollars to this global cause than countries like the US, Japan, China, and other larger economies are giving, then that means Canadian taxpayers are being robbed to a massive extent.

Our country does not have an unlimited amount of money.

Governing is about making choices, tough choices.

And that means we must always ensure that our limited amount of taxpayer dollars are spent helping Canadians, not given away to foreign countries and causes that are outside of Canada.

By giving away so much of our money to foreign countries instead of helping Canadian Women – including Indigenous Women – the Trudeau government is disgracefully disrespecting reconciliation and is hurting Canadians who are truly in need of help.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

I will make it my mission to let every body I know ,to never vote for a Trudeau liberal Govt,they are not for canadians and never will be


I’m sure the usual suspects from the major urban areas will continue to vote for this clown, but anyone with a brain should be able to see through these buffoons.


Then you have politicians like Doug Ford cleaning the mess left behind…

Major Tom

Did he donate any bucks from his trust fund? I thought not!


Just how much damage will be done to this country before a New Govt. is voted in?; a big THANKYOU to Spencer Fernando for educating/exposing outrageous Govt. actions that do not in any way benefit Canadian taxpayers.


A deliberate and intentional punch in the face of all First Nations. Foreigners are far far more important. $300 million would likely provide clean water to most Nations but, oh no, Trudeau refuses to care about Canada, only about himself and his close”friend?” Monsef. Where has Sofy been the last few months? All we see is Monsef. Hmmmm.


Don’t worry, I”m sure Trudeau has already considered this. He will give money to foreigners, AND pour billions into the aboriginal file…’s an election year, and eventually, he will retire with his pension to bolster his Trust Fund, and he will then be on the world speaking tour sharing his wisdom. The hude debt he leaves….will eventually balance itself. But it won’t be coming out of his pockets. See…he’s got it all planned.

John Lewis

JT has not not hitherto shown enthusiasm for first nations.

Clive Edwards

It’s not just about looking good on the world stage (a curious place for a not very good actor like Turdo anyway); these hundreds of millions add up to billions over the years, which must be borrowed from moneylenders at compound interest. Canada isn’t printing money out of thin air to give away, but the banks certainly print out of thin air to lend it to us. We have to pay these loans back with our own work and income, reducing our own ability to survive.