Following Repeated Threats & Aggression Against Us, Communist China Is Now Demanding We Use Huawei In 5G Networks

How about NO.

Communist China has been treating Canada horribly as of late.

They’ve kidnapped two Canadian Citizens – Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig – under obviously made-up charges of ‘spying.’

They’ve banned our Canola imports – again under false pretenses.

And their overall tone has been totally disrespectful, as they clearly feel they can get away with bullying and humiliating Canada – with a big assist from the total weakness of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland.

Meanwhile, China apparently thinks that they can now demand that we use Huawei in our 5G networks, acting as if all the stuff I mentioned above isn’t even happening.

Lu Shaye – China’s Ambassador to Canada who will be leaving his post later this month – recently did an interview with CTV News.

Here’s part of what he said:

“China’s Ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye says national security concerns about Chinese tech giant Huawei are “unfounded” and “baseless,” pushing for Canada to decide for itself whether to go ahead with including Huawei in its core advanced 5G network.

“Canada is independent country, and you have institutions very competent to evaluate this problem,” Lu told Glen McGregor in a broadcast exclusive interview with CTV Power Play.

He added that several “important, major countries” in the world have taken the “right, correct position” on this problem.”

Lu was also asked about the Tiananmen Square Massacre:

“June 4 marks the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests. In 1989, the Chinese government deployed troops against pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing, killing hundreds. China has since suppressed knowledge of the massacre.

In response to questions on Power Play about the anniversary, Lu said China’s achievements over the past 70 years prove the country “chose the right developmental path” and will “continue to advance along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

“That’s our position,” Lu said.”

The report goes on to note that Liberal Senator Jim Munson was a former CTV Reporter and covered the Massacre. Munson detailed what he saw:

“The most vivid memory, and I’m still haunted by it, is watching students pick up bloody bodies on trishaws, those tricycles with a little cage in the back, and throwing the bodies literally onto those tricycles and heading off to the hospital. You have to take a deep breath when you see that happening.”

Communist Arrogance

We can notice how Lu is speaking in a very arrogant manner, saying countries have taken the “right, correct position,” which means the position that the Communist Party of China wants people to take.

The reality is that dealing with a company like Huawei is not like dealing with Samsung or Apple. Huawei is directly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, as is every large & influential company in the Communist State.

We cannot take the risk of allowing our future 5G infrastructure to be put at the mercy of a Communist-controlled megacorporation.

For the security of our nation, and for the dignity and defence of our values and our freedom, the Canadian Federal Government must ban Huawei.

You can watch the interview with Lu Shaye below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Brian Dougan

Keep Freeland in her crib. Get someone with a spine.

Clive Edwards

I have an equally low opinion of the Chinese AND the American governments. I consider the security implications a bad wash no matter which way you look at it. One thing that is not being discussed on this forum is the negative health implication arising from 5G, and the surveillance/control related to the Internet of Things from a purely Canadian perspective – self driving cars (what if you don’t want to go to the police station or the government office?). Pay your parking ticket before you are permitted to charge your electric car. Take your self-reporting medications or your health… Read more »

Donna Seaward

There’s a huge difference. One is our neighbour and ally in democracy. The other is a brutal communist dictatorship, currently holding our citizens hostage. Headlights same.

Don Piche

Clive – I entirely agree. Yet, so many Canadians are terribly uninformed about these things and they should be investigating for themselves as there are justifiable concerns to consider. Our respective governments aren’t giving us full disclosure. Thankyou for speaking-out about them.

alan skelhorne

so hearing this woman speak, someone is worse than that, and that being, the so called pm of Canada, who loves the Chinese dictatorship. Canada better bounce this little potato in October, if not we will be come a third world craphole. sorry, but the writing is on the wall.

Don Taylor

The biggest danger to Canada has always been Trudeau , Freeloader ,Hussen and the rest of their corrupt gang ,they must be voted out in october


Since traitor justin has thrown in the towel not to run Canada but allow others to take over for him, he sees no reason to take blame anymore for the outcome done to us. He has no interest in Canada far less concern himself in helping and protecting our needs and country.

old white guy

I don’t know where to go with this. We have a country populated by people who want to give it away, to anyone, they don’t really care as long as they keep getting something without working for it.