HUH? McKenna Celebrates Garbage Ship In Tweet

Anchors aweigh!

Catherine McKenna has continued her ‘interesting’ series of Tweets, this time celebrating a bunch of garbage.

No, I’m not talking about the Trudeau Carbon Tax (though that is certainly also a pile of garbage), in this case, McKenna is actually celebrating a ship full of garbage.

Here’s the Tweet:

“Anchors aweigh! The containers of garbage have departed the Philippines and will arrive in Canada in four weeks — where the waste will be turned into energy that’ll power homes in British Columbia.”

It’s odd for McKenna to be celebrating this, since the whole incident has been embarrassing for Canada.

The transfer of the garbage (which never should have happened since Canada should be taking care of our own garbage) took place under the Harper Government.

However – probably after seeing how China is able to get away with treating us like garbage – Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to ‘declare war’ on Canada, and is now forcibly shipping the garbage back.

That kind of aggressive rhetoric is a sign of how Trudeau and McKenna – and by extension all of Canada unfortunately – are seen as weak and are repeatedly disrespected.

So, having garbage shipped back to our country is obviously not something to celebrate. The fact that McKenna can’t recognize that is embarrassing for her.

Yet, embarrassing herself on Twitter is nothing new for McKenna, who repeatedly gets totally ratioed on Twitter and even bragged about how restaurants were banning plastic straws – when it turns out they actually weren’t.

Unfortunately, as I recently wrote in The Post Millennial, McKenna’s Tweets have also taken a sinister turn, where she brags about “transforming” how Canadians live:

“Together, we’re transforming the way Canadians live, move, and work! 🚴🏼‍♀️ In #OttawaCentre, we’ve invested more than $22 million in projects that help make cycling a smarter, safer, more practical solution for moving around our city. Let’s make Ottawa the greenest capital!”

As I said in the article, “Again, Canadians didn’t vote for a “transformation” of the country. People want a higher standard of living, they want a lower tax burden, and they want a government that is effective and efficient. Also, in a democratic nation, politicians are supposed to be servants of the public. Servants are not supposed to “transform” our lives, they are supposed to serve. Dictators are the ones who talk about “transforming” everything, since dictators are consumed with the need to have the power to remake everything in their own image.”

So, McKenna’s Tweets may often be unintentionally funny, but beyond the embarrassing fails is a worldview that is quite dangerous and is opposed to the freedom of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube