INSANITY: Trudeau Says Carbon Tax Will Stop Forest Fires

Do they really expect us to buy this sh*t?

In his desperation to scare people into voting for him, Justin Trudeau is now claiming that the hated Carbon Tax will stop forest fires.

As noted by the CP, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal carbon tax will help deal with extreme weather events such as fires in northern Alberta. Trudeau says Canadians are seeing the impact of climate change with an increase in wildfires in Western Canada, recent tornadoes in Ottawa and flooding across the country this spring.”

He then said something even more nonsensical:

“We know that the extreme weather events coming are unaffordable for Canadians and for our society,” Trudeau said at an event in Vancouver. “That’s why we need to act. We need to act in a way that puts more money in the pockets of Canadians and that’s exactly what we’re doing with the climate incentive, with the support we’re giving to families.”

Think about this for a second: Canada doesn’t control the global climate. Countries like China are the big contributors to emissions, not Canada. We contribute almost nothing.

So, a carbon tax on Canadians does nothing for the climate, as China keeps massively increasing their emissions.

The idea that the carbon tax will do anything about global emissions, let alone stop forest fires is insanity.

The Trudeau government is struggling in the polls, and are afraid of losing votes to the Green Party. So all of a sudden we’re supposedly in a ‘climate emergency,’ and the rhetoric has surged to a new level.

If Trudeau actually expects us to believe this crap, then he’s even more arrogant than we thought. He really expects people to think that forest fires will stop if we let the government reach into our pockets and take more of our money?

What a crock of sh*t.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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