INSANITY: Trudeau Says Carbon Tax Will Stop Forest Fires

Do they really expect us to buy this sh*t?

In his desperation to scare people into voting for him, Justin Trudeau is now claiming that the hated Carbon Tax will stop forest fires.

As noted by the CP, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal carbon tax will help deal with extreme weather events such as fires in northern Alberta. Trudeau says Canadians are seeing the impact of climate change with an increase in wildfires in Western Canada, recent tornadoes in Ottawa and flooding across the country this spring.”

He then said something even more nonsensical:

“We know that the extreme weather events coming are unaffordable for Canadians and for our society,” Trudeau said at an event in Vancouver. “That’s why we need to act. We need to act in a way that puts more money in the pockets of Canadians and that’s exactly what we’re doing with the climate incentive, with the support we’re giving to families.”

Think about this for a second: Canada doesn’t control the global climate. Countries like China are the big contributors to emissions, not Canada. We contribute almost nothing.

So, a carbon tax on Canadians does nothing for the climate, as China keeps massively increasing their emissions.

The idea that the carbon tax will do anything about global emissions, let alone stop forest fires is insanity.

The Trudeau government is struggling in the polls, and are afraid of losing votes to the Green Party. So all of a sudden we’re supposedly in a ‘climate emergency,’ and the rhetoric has surged to a new level.

If Trudeau actually expects us to believe this crap, then he’s even more arrogant than we thought. He really expects people to think that forest fires will stop if we let the government reach into our pockets and take more of our money?

What a crock of sh*t.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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he can continue to spew idiocies since he will be gone after October 2019 ..

David MacKAY

Trudeau is going to call an election? Where is there any assurance of that?
Trudeau’s anti-monarchist Governor General is not likely to order one either.
What will Andrew Scheer do? Vigorously object? Take his minority and refuse to sit in Parliament? What proven workable dependable mechanism is there in Canada to force an election?
And Trudeau is moving to take any long guns and ban handguns by cabinet order in an elections year and you think there will be an election?

Don Taylor

Turdeau is Canada’s biggest failure, he really is as ignorant as he sounds


“Climate emergency…” I’m expecting Al Gore to show up at any moment to tell me we have passed the tipping point.


It really shows how our education system is failing us as our society is being reprogrammed…

Major Tom

Of course, the carbon tax will stop forest fires……..on the moon!

Brian Dougan

Trudeau likely thinks that his hated carbon tax can also control lightning.

Brian Dougan

Clarification: Lightning strikes causing forest fires.

David Robertson

Justin, how is a carbon tax going to cut down on forest fires and floods, etc. ? When people call you an idiot, they are insultong idiots. Even an idiot could figure out that you are just trying to fleece the taxpayer out of more moneyor you to spend on your brainless and un thought out non-plans just to try to impress the rest of the world. Even they are saying youare a fool and a suckerthat can be convinced to give them money fir them to pocket at our expense. It is time for you to go fora walk… Read more »


I have to make an observation here: Trudeau cannot possibly be more arrogant than we thought.


Trudeau must think that Canadian are just as Stupid as he is to believe that the Carbon Tax will stop the Forest Fires. How can a Tax stop these Fires? The Carbon Tax is exactly that – a Tax, taking more money out of the Pockets of Hard Working Canadians, letting the Big Emitters off from paying taxes, and helping Trudeau pay for all his Illegals, Terrorists, Rogue Terrorist Countries and the Corruption list goes on. Canadians will NOT be fooled. We live in a Cold Country, where we have to Heat our Homes, Drive to work, Buy Groceries, Drive… Read more »


The climate change hysteria is quite funny, according to leftists like Justin and Elizabeth May, this is a grace crisis and one of the biggest the world has ever known. Their rhetoric is so over the top it’s almost cartoonish.

I just wonder if they believe their own hype or if they are laughing behind closed doors. The one thing Trudeau is very serious about is taking our hard earned tax dollars to spend on crap.


I cannot believe my eyes as I read this report! If Liberal voters actually believe this knot head or the screaming liar carbon tax minister they are as insane and dangerous as Trudeau himself.

Clive Edwards

Clearing deadwood and controlled burns are the best way to deal ;with forest fires. Forest fires have been a part ;of life for millions of years. What is new, however, is “climate modification” by aerial spraying of aluminum and other metals (and anything else industry wants to dispose of with paying to burn it) into the atmosphere in an attempt to reflect the sun’s heat back into space, and manipulate the jet stream, droughts, and the weaponization of weather for political and military purposes. The aluminum etc. settles on the water, the soil, the forests, the crops and supports burning.… Read more »

sandra c

“What a crock of sh*t?”……..Laughing. The nonsense that comes out of Trudeau’s mouth is amazing. Give in Carbon Tax and everything will be solved. No more Fires, Tornado’s or Floods. Why doesn’t he just come clean and say, “I’ve spent all the Tax Payer’s money and put Canada into extreme and abhorrent debt, that will never be paid and I need more money…So cough it up Canadians. I don’t care if you can afford it or not. Don’t care if half your paycheck is already taxed. Don’t care if you go into debt more and cannot survive. Don’t care if… Read more »

old white guy

Canada has not paid one dime of the debt his father foisted on Canada and idiots are still enthralled with his idiot old man.

David MacKAY

Historically – go back to the Days of the Roman empire – Dictators said whatever they wanted and their sycophant butt kissing followers believed and fawned all over them a long as the Dictator gave them money and what they wanted.
Members of the Liberal party are trying to figure a way to bring Mr. Carney into to replace Trudeau – but Trudeau will not give the Liberal Caucus permission to replace him because the Caucus already forgot they had agreed to make Trudeau the dictator over the liberal party.


More frat-boy logic from the boy……………does it never end???


What more can one say about trudope that Spencer and the good people have contributed thoughtful need to be said opinions.A close friend and neighbor of two eight and ten year old sons got a hold of the Now legal trudope pot and both ended up in the hospital with reoccurring hallucinations.There is never any combative discussions of what’s good for our country by any elected mp on the libtard side. I’ll just never understand how an adult can sit in session and listen to the balderdash spewing from the silver spooned part time drama teacher.If those in question really… Read more »

Cathy D.

You people all sound like a bunch of Trumpers! Move to the States where most people are trying to dump Trump. Next you;’ll all be saying that abortion should be illegal! Don’t you realize that climate change is one of the most important issues that we should be dealing with. It was because of a Liberal that thousands of Canadians were saved – Chretien refused to take part in the Iraqi war and saved countless lives. At the same time Stephen Harper went down to apologize to the Americans – if it were that creep, he would have sent thousands… Read more »


You or a team of scientists cannot change the the cycle the earth goes through. It’s inevitable, the climate goes through cycles and we are headed towards another ice age and mass extinction. Obviously one of the most important things to look at is the carbon footprint in Canada is one of the smallest in the world, we are the last country who should be worrying about Carbon. The greatest thing you can do for yourself, your Country and your planet is to do actual intelligent research from none social media outlets and uneducated opinions. Voice an educated opinion not… Read more »