MPs – Including Conservatives – Vote To Shut Down Video Feed Of Free Speech Advocates Testifying At House Committee

Canadians deserve total openness from the government, not a bunch of politicians telling us what we can and can’t see.

In a disturbing and brutally ironic moment, the video feed of free speech advocates Lindsay Shepherd, Mark Steyn, and John Robson was shut down.

And the people who shut it down are the people who are supposed to be defending our freedom and rights – MPs.

The shutdown was reported by Andrew Lawton. Here’s what he shared on Twitter:

At the Standing Committee for Justice and Human Rights, where @NewWorldHominin @MarkSteynOnline and @thejohnrobson are testifying on online hate at 8:45. Watch live here: (link:…

“A Liberal MP has introduced a motion striking comments made by Michael Cooper last week from the official record, citing the “discriminatory” nature of them. Unreal. Literally wants to erase speech from transcript.”

“NDP member speaking in favour of motion. Says he’s not against people having ideas, but rejects some ideas being given a public platform.”

“John Brassard, Conservative MP, says this motion is a “stunt.” NDP says it’s not because there was an “attack on a witness” last week in committee.”

“Motion to scrub Michael Cooper’s citation of Christchurch manifesto passes along party lines. Conservatives all abstain rather than voting against it.”

“NDP MP Garrison is now filibustering, asking why this committee meeting is being televised. He knows witnesses only have until 9:45 to speak. He’s making it so they have no time.”

“NDP has introduced motion to suspend television broadcast of this meeting. Again, every minute spent discussing this is a minute taken away from @MarkSteynOnline @NewWorldHominin and @thejohnrobson.”

“All committee members, including the Conservatives, just voted to suspend television broadcast of testimony by @MarkSteynOnline @NewWorldHominin @thejohnrobson. Unbelievable.”

While shutting down a video feed to hide the views of free speech advocates is to be expected from the Liberals and NDP, but it’s disappointing that the Conservatives on the committee also voted to shut it down.

We clearly have a serious problem in our country with politicians who arrogantly think that they should be able to decide what we see.

In fact, their job isn’t to tell us what we’re allowed to view – particularly when it comes to the working of the government – their job is to protect our freedom to make our own choices.

Politicians are supposed to be defending freedom of speech, and we must hold every politician accountable when they fail to do that.

A link to the audio can be found here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab