NANOS POLL: Conservatives Maintain Lead

Liberal support on downward trend.

The latest Nanos weekly tracking poll shows the Conservatives maintaining a lead over the Liberals.

The poll also shows the Liberals on a steady downward trend since their 2015 victory, with rare spikes in support in what is otherwise a clear move towards lower and lower numbers.

Additionally, the Conservatives have been gaining support until levelling off around the 33-35% mark, while the NDP is stuck below 20% and the Greens are rising steadily.

Here are the latest numbers:

Conservatives – 34%

Liberals – 30%

NDP – 16%

Greens – 12%

Bloc – 4%

Peoples – 1%

When it comes to accessible voters, 44% say they would consider voting Conservative, while 43% say they would not. The numbers for the Liberals are similar, with 44% saying they would consider voting Liberal and 44% saying they would not.

The NDP is in worse position, with 39% saying they would consider voting NDP, while 45% say they would not. For the Greens, 36% would consider it, and 49% would not.

The People’s Party fares worst of all in that regard, with 8% saying they would consider voting for them, and 66% saying they would not.

On the question of preferred Prime Minister, Scheer and Trudeau are tied at 27%. Scheer has been on a relatively steady climb on that question, while Trudeau has been on a whoppingly large fall. Back in mid 2016, nearly 55% of Canadians saw Trudeau as the best pick for Prime Minister, so for him to be down at 27% shows the immense amount of disillusionment people feel towards him. As I’ve often said, the more people see Trudeau in action, the less they support him.

Jagmeet Singh’s struggles continue, as he is failing to resonate with the Canadian public. Just 9% pick him as their preferred PM pick, meaning he trails even Elizabeth May on that question. 10% pick her as their PM choice.

Way back is Bernier, with just 2% picking him as their preferred PM pick.

People are also losing faith in Trudeau’s ‘qualities of a good leader’ in the poll. 40% say he does have the qualities of a leader, while 46% say he doesn’t. That 46% saying he doesn’t is the highest number on that question found in the Nanos tracking poll.

37% say Scheer has the qualities of a good leader, compared to 31% who say he doesn’t.

29% give Singh a positive score on that question, while 33% say he doesn’t have leader qualities.

Elizabeth May’s numbers are strong on that question, with 40% saying she has the qualities of a good leader, while 28% say she doesn’t.

16% say Bernier has the qualities of a good leader, compared to 40% who say he doesn’t.

Finally, the Nanos Party Power Index – which is combination of voter support, voter consider support, and leader numbers, puts the Conservatives at 51, the Liberals at 48, the NDP at 41, the Greens at 40, and the People’s Party at 26.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well those are scary numbers since we know the Greens have said they would support the Lieberals in their one world parties to block a Conservative win.


I still can’t believe I live in a country with that many stupid people.

David MacKAY

I have to wonder about polling companies run by either Libeals or Conservatives. I say wonder because in a 3 month period Bernier’s Peoples party set up riding offices in every riding in Canada. Most of which are backed by experienced Conservatives objecting to the resurgence of Joe Clark’s Red Tories under Scheer. The same Scheer who is nationally known as “Trudeau Lite” just another politician with no experience – as in Zero. To run a business or a government.” These Polls all play down the Peoples Party just like the UK polls declared the Brexit party as a non… Read more »


This is way, WAY too close. And the combined leftist vote is quite a bit more than the conservative one, although that’s been the case in Canada for quite some time now. But it’s scary as Trudeau and the Liberals should be polling much worse than they actually are.

Shawn Harris

How much more damage , trouble or lies does Trudeau have to create , cause or be the source of before Canadians will decisively vote for a majority Conservative government? Without a Conservative majority government, this election could produce the most corrupt coalition government ever seen. Remember the proposed coalition between, the Liberals, NDP and the block , who wanted to prevent Harper from taking office in 2008, this would be 100 times worse and make the Wynne disaster in Ontario look like a utopian dream come true.