DISGUSTING HYPOCRITE: Justin Trudeau Voted AGAINST Saying ISIS Committed Genocide, Now He Accuses Canadians Of That Exact Crime

Something must be seriously sick in his head.

On Twitter, the National Citizens Coalition made a great find of an old article from 2016:

“FROM THE VAULT: Back in 2016, Trudeau voted against a Conservative motion declaring ISIS atrocities as genocide. Yet just this week he was more than willing to label the domestic crimes committed against Indigenous women as an act of Canadian genocide.”

The European Union and United States both agreed that ISIS was committing genocide.

But Trudeau refused. Even some Liberal MPs voted with the Conservative motion, along with NDP MPs and Bloc MPs.

Yet, Trudeau and the majority of Liberals voted against it, and it was struck down.

At the time, Trudeau said “We don’t feel that politicians should be weighing in on this first and foremost. Determinations of genocide need to be made in an objective, responsible way.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“We don’t feel that politicians should be weighing in on this first and foremost,” he said. “Determinations of genocide need to be made in an objective, responsible way.”

Ambrose called that position a “low-point” for the Liberal party and a “dark spot” on Canada’s human rights record.

When he was pressed again on the case of thousands of Yazidi girls being murdered or turned into sex slaves, the prime minister was resolute that determinations of genocide must be done objectively on the international stage.

“We will not trivialize the importance of the word genocide by not respecting formal engagements around that word,” he said.

Wait a minute, Trudeau thinks determinations of genocide should be done ‘objectively on the international stage?’

Then why the hell is he quoting from the MMIWG report that wasn’t international at all?

How can he not see how hypocritical this all is?

Now, Trudeau accuses Canadians of genocide.

So, Justin Trudeau doesn’t think ISIS – one of the most horrifically evil and brutal groups ever seen in history – committed genocide. He refuses to accuse them of that crime.

But now, he is flat out accusing Canadians of being a genocidal nation.

He thinks we’re committing genocide.

By agreeing with the recent MMIWG report’s use of the term genocide, Justin Trudeau is spitting over his own country, showing his hatred for Canada, and showing a stunningly disgusting level of hypocrisy.

It’s sick.

It’s insane.

It’s an absolute disgrace.

Justin Trudeau thinks the country he leads is worse than ISIS, as he was willing to accuse all of us of something he wouldn’t even accuse ISIS of.

This is a new low for Canada, and represents the absolutely pathetic failure of Justin Trudeau.

Any MP who stands with him at this point is complicit in his dangerous attempt to destroy Canadian pride, embarrass our country, and drive our national confidence into the ground.

There can be no doubt at this point that Justin Trudeau has total contempt for the idea of Canada, and has total contempt for Canadians.

Remember: When anyone talks to you about Justin Trudeau, just tell them this: He thinks Canada is worse than ISIS.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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A complete and utterly disgusting mockery of the highest chair in the land. Not my pm. Ever.


There are no words that can describe the rampant hypocrisy and blatant attempts by our PM to divide us Canadians for his thirst to retain power.

William Roberts

Surely by now, all Canadians know that Drama is a lunatic, sociopath.If you don’t by now you might be the one that needs help.


Trudeau has no shame. honor and conscience. amoral type. betraying the people who built today,s Canada


I’ve always wondered how our Native community is pampered and given perks and special status over the rest of Canadians…considering that it is a choice to be on the reserve and not a forced requirement.

old white guy

Trudeau lacks the intellect necessary for the office he holds, as do those who voted for him.

Don Piche

OWG: IMHO, Justin Trudeau even lacks the necessary prerequisites just to qualify as a decent human being… obviously he is an ISIS apologist & subversive element which needs to be barred from remaining in office in Canada. Like Spencer says – something is seriously wrong with him!


You got that story straight owg!!

Bill Quest

Trudeau jigs for his damaged voter base ….. he peddles lies that is base believe to be true .

Helen Anderson

They voted for looks and MJ and almost destroyed Canada. Now with legal MJ they will vote for him again. They are as dumb, sick and stupid as he is.


Trudeau again you demonstrate your pathetic attack on Canadians. You can be sure of one thing all Canadians are coming for you and the sheep that kiss your backside. Perhaps you and your whole family need to be removed from everything Canadian. You do not deserve to be a Canadian citizen. Quite the legacy you are leaving for the history books far worse than your Father. SHAME SHAME.

Norbert Kausen

WHY are we tolerating this DISGRACEFUL TRAVESTY!!?? Canadian should march in solidarity to have Trudeau ousted RIGHT NOW!!!! He is a DANGEROUSLY delusional enemy of Canada and to wait for October may be too late!!!


You’ve got it right, Fernando. Trudeau thinks he can WILL reality using true psychopathic wish fulfillment form. It’s all about “getting his way” and nothing deeper than that. Talk is cheap and his attempts to downgrade those who shaped this country have registered with those paying proper attention. I remember once reading that that WELL-KNOWN stretch of Canadian highway is full of truckers and barren spaces. Aimless girls from small communities could easily be targeted by any solo or organized “pigs” that come along. Trudeau is, as always, looking to win back votes because showing Wilson-Raybould the bottom of his… Read more »

Bill Quest

Ideologically driven and virtue signalling ‘White guilt’ is now to be entrenched in the oath of allegiance. Only in Canada…
It’s virtue-signalling writ large…. Some citizens are more equal than others…
The Canadian citizenship oath will soon include its first-ever reference to Indigenous people by including a pledge to “faithfully observe the laws of Canada including treaties with Indigenous Peoples.”


Genocide? TurdBoy isn’t smart enough to pronounce it, or spell it, let alone understand what it is!!!


He is a threat to our civilization, period.


The boy prince must go! Not my PM.

Bill Quest

Campaign slogan …
Justin that ‘ Bogus Feminist ‘ is simply too ethically challenged …..


I read an article that stated 70% of aboriginal women killed in Canada are killed by aboriginal men.


Yes. This statistic has been in numerous research papers over the past many years. Interesting is that women murdered or severely battered of all stripes in North America, that percentage, 70% are victims of their spouse, partner, known friend and/or a family member. I am a survivor of terrible abuse and part of my healing was to research and learn that I wasn’t alone in my experience.

Shawn Harris

Just when you couldn’t think Trudeau would sink even lower in his hatred and disgust for Canadians, now in hypocrisy, he labels everyone of genocidal murders. This is man not only not being worthy of being Pm, but isn’t even worthy of Canadian citizenship. Justin is like his father Pierre, both were and still are traitors to everything that makes and defines us as Canadians.

Carole Hart

Pierre was a saint compared to Justin. Justin doesn’t have the intellect, intelligence or just plain common sense to be in a position of leadership. I wouldn’t even recommend him for dog catcher as I think dogs are much smarter. Hopefully the Canadians who voted for him in 2015 will have had lots of time to reconsider the error of their ways and THINK before voting in October.


Well…you voted him in. He may be all of the above – but what does it say about Canada ? YOU. VOTED. HIM. IN. No one’s fault – but the Canadians. Now it is time to have your medicine. Obviously it has to get worse before it gets better – and Canadians need to realize that voting is not a popularity contest. It is a responsibility.


“Canadians need to realize that voting is not a popularity contest. It is a responsibility.”
This phrase should be stamped everywhere.
Turdo does not have brains to even manage a hot dog stand.