Thanks To Justin Trudeau’s Virtue-Signalling Foolishness, Canada Could Face A ‘Genocide’ Investigation Run By Foreign Countries

Trudeau spits on his own country.

Justin Trudeau’s decision to use the term ‘genocide’ following the release of the MMIWG report has now lead to something that would have seemed absurd to write:

The Organization of American States is asking Canada to hold an investigation into “allegations of genocide.”

On Twitter, the head of the OAS – Luis Almagro – said “it is necessary to clarify these allegations and achieve justice.”

“Given evidence of genocide perpetrated against indigenous women and girls in Canada I have offered the creation of an Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI Canada). It is necessary to clarify these allegations and achieve justice”

Below, you can read the full letter he wrote to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland:

As Warren Kinsella noted, Justin Trudeau will now face allegations of ‘genocide’ and have to deal with that during the election:

“I predicted this would happen within the week. I was wrong. It actually happened a lot faster. Trudeau will now be investigated by an international body, during an election, for genocide he’s admitted to: that’s a first. Well done, JT.”

Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling is now having a disastrous impact on the image of Canada.

And it’s not just about Canada looking bad or Trudeau trying to destroy Canadian pride, but it could also put Canadians in danger.

As we know, Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are being held by Communist China under false charges of spying.

In our effort to get them back, we will need to have the moral high-ground and contrast how Canada treats our citizens to how the brutal Communist regime treats their citizens.

However, China can now cite the words of our own PM and call Canada a genocidal nation. That’s the exact kind of stuff regime’s like China’s love – the ability to get away with their own crimes by muddying the waters and accusing others of terrible things. And because Justin Trudeau has now himself accused Canada of the horrible crime of genocide, he’s made it easy for China and other authoritarian regimes.

In short, this is a total disaster, and Justin Trudeau is to blame for the damage that is being done and will be done to our country.

Spencer Fernando

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