BETRAYAL: Despite Scathing Report From Committee, Trudeau’s Senators Refuse To Scrap The Dangerously Divisive Tanker Ban Bill, Raising Odds Of National Unity Crisis

A nightmarish outcome.

Justin Trudeau’s Senators – who fraudulently claim to be ‘independent,’ have refused to listen to the recommendation of their own committee that had called for killing the tanker ban bill.

The legislation – Bill C-48 – discriminates against Western Canadian oil, and is a significant blow to Canada’s already-struggling energy industry.

As Suzanne Anton said on Twitter, the legislation is likely to face constitutional challenges – as it is clearly a direct attack on Alberta oil:

“I can’t imagine C-48 is constitutional. It bans the export of Alberta oil thru Northern BC. It ignores US tankers going up and down the coast & is a Cdn ban on Cdn oil. And it is opposed by local First Nations. The senate shd do the govt a favour and kill it.”

The Senate Transport Committee – which was tasked with studying the bill – was scathing in it’s assessment, calling it ‘discriminatory’ and ‘divisive,’ and warning that it would severely damage national unity in Canada.

The Committee had recommended that the full Senate not proceed with the legislation. Here’s part of what they said in their report to the Senate:

“This is not just a matter of dampening the economic interests of specific provinces. It is a nationally corrosive and divisive policy which pits one region against another, inflaming separatist sentiment and stoking a misplaced resentment of Indigenous Canadians,” the report says.

The ban on tankers carrying diluted bitumen from Alberta’s oilsands appears to be “intentionally designed to damage the economy of western Canada,” rendering the bill “both divisive and discriminatory,” the report adds, going on to say that “targeting one region of Canada for economic punishment is unconstitutional and destructive to the fabric of Canadian federalism.”

Committee recommendations are almost always followed. But Trudeau’s Senators – who openly admitted they were meeting with Catherine McKenna’s staff about the legislation – have voted to reject the recommendation of the committee. That means they will pass the legislation anyway and move it to third reading in the Senate – a likely prelude to it being sent on to the Liberal-controlled House where it would be passed into law.

“Vote result on the seventeenth report of the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications, Bill #C48: Yeas: 38 Nays: 53 Abstentions: 1”


We now have the risk of a serious national unity crisis in Canada – something that has been brewing for some time under Trudeau’s failed leadership.

Western Canada has been repeatedly hurt by the Trudeau Liberals, with policies like the centrally-imposed carbon tax, pipeline cancellations, pipeline delays, massively excessive regulations, and Trudeau’s pandering to far-left extremists all putting the energy industry at risk.

And now, the Trudeau government is openly and purposely discriminating against Western Canadian Oil.

As expected, the reaction has been intense:

“Awful result for western Canada. Trudeau’s Fake “Independent” Senate kills #SenCA Transport committee’s Bill #C48 report.
From #Sask & #Alberta, Senators Klyne, Dyck, Mitchell & LaBoucane-Benson chose Justin Trudeau over the people of our region.
#skpoli #abpoli”

“I made it clear to the Senate Transport Committee that if Bill C-48 proceeds, Alberta will challenge is as being unconstitutional. All major parties in Alberta are united in opposition to C-48.”

“We are extremely disappointed that the Senate has voted not to accept the recommendation of the Transportation and Communications Committee to reject Bill C-48. This Bill unfairly targets Alberta and will cause significant damage to the Canadian economy if it becomes law.”

“We will also ensure we stand up for Albertans against the C-48 Tanker Ban on Alberta oil. This discriminatory ban on Alberta energy is unacceptable, and we will oppose it at every opportunity.”

“Trudeau-appointed senators of the ISG just voted as a bloc to defeat the cmte report on #C48, the tanker ban. The cmte travelled to BC, AB & SK, & heard from 139 witnesses. Based on the evidence, the cmte voted not to proceed with the bill. Great example of their “independence”.”

“To be clear, Liberal appointed Senators voted to keep #C48, Conservative Senators voted to kill #C48. I and entire #CPC team opposed C-48 at every stage in the House and Senate for last year and a half.”

With an election approaching, Trudeau appears to be rushing to do as much damage to Western Canada as he possibly can, as he tears apart our country in a desperate bid to retain power.

Spencer Fernando