Justin Trudeau’s Continued Failure To Retaliate Against Communist China Is Inviting Further Aggression And Disrespect Towards Canada

By repeatedly showing that Canada can be assaulted without any response, we now face even more potential blockades on our products, while we are increasingly seen as weak around the world.

China has taken numerous aggressive actions towards Canada.

We have seen our citizens arbitrarily arrested and held in horrible conditions.

We have been spoken to in an arrogant and dismissive tone.

We have seen our canola exports blocked under obviously false ‘quality concerns.’

Our foreign minister can’t even get her phone calls returned and had to go on radio to beg for a meeting – which she hasn’t even gotten.

And now, we could face even more tariffs or outright blockades on our products going into China.

As reported by BNN Bloomberg, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s worried China could block imports of other Canadian products — in addition to its recent rejection of canola shipments.”

“When it comes to China, obviously, our top concern is the release of Canadians who are detained in an arbitrary way by the Chinese for political reasons,” said Trudeau in Normandy.

“We are also concerned by their actions on canola and the potential of other actions on other products. We will see if it’s appropriate or desirable to have a conversation directly with the Chinese president.”

The problem here is that China has taken the measure of Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, and the rest of the Trudeau government, and they’ve found nothing but weakness.

As a result, they have realized that not only can they bully our nation without facing retaliation, but they can also use us as their punching bag in disputes with other Western Nations.

For example, China obviously is aware that Canada has an extradition treaty with the United States that made it basically mandatory for us to arrest Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou if the US requests it, just as the US would be required to extradite someone to Canada if the situation was reversed.

Knowing that, China clearly made a calculated decision to impose a punishment on Canada, by ‘conveniently’ finding two Canadians who were ‘spying’ and detaining them under that laughable pretext.

China’s leaders likely made that decision after seeing how Trudeau repeatedly fawned over the Communist State and realized he would be unwilling to take a strong stance in response.

They predicted that they could use Canada to ‘send a message’ to other nations who may be willing to challenge China.

And that prediction has been proven correct.

Every time China escalates, Trudeau refuses to act. There’s been no ban on Huawei, no ban on foreign homebuyers, no tariffs on products from China, no laws restricting the takeover of our companies from Communist-controlled mega-corporations.


So, China sees that they can continue to bully us, and get away with it.

And Trudeau has done something that makes the situation even worse.

By using the term ‘genocide’ in discussing the MMIWG report, Justin Trudeau has wiped out any potential moral high ground he could have held in dealing with China. Brutal regimes and Communist States love to be able to muddy the waters when dealing with free nations. And Trudeau has made that easy for them.

When Trudeau talks to China (if they even return his calls or agree to meet with him), and demands the return of our unjustly jailed citizens – Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor – it will be a piece of cake for the propagandists in Communist China to say “why should China listen to a leader who admits his own country is committing genocide?”

In his virtue-signalling zeal, Trudeau has eliminated the one piece of leverage Canada may have had over China – our reputation for treating our people well (compared to the brutal Communist State at least).

Now, even that is lost.

China’s leaders now look at Canada and see nothing but weakness and a willingness to surrender. And since human nature is consistent across nations, that means Canada is a huge target for bullying and disrespectful assaults against us.

Unfortunately, the cost of that weakness won’t be paid by Justin Trudeau or his fellow elites, who always escape consequences when things go wrong.

No, the consequences will be paid by us, regular Canadians, who will watch as our country faces emboldened adversaries who view us with contempt and bully us into submission.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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