With Canadians Still Illegally Detained & Freeland Being Ignored, Trudeau Is Trying To Get Meeting With Leader Of Communist China

Remains to be seen whether Chinese Leader Xi Jinping will even meet with Trudeau, as China has shown no respect for our country.

Chrystia Freeland can’t even get her phone calls returned by China’s foreign minister.

She has repeatedly asked for meetings, while those requests have not been answered.

Meanwhile, China continues escalating their aggression to our country, with Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig being illegally detained, our canola exports blocked, threats made against us, and now China looks to be considering restrictions on our pork exports.

China has shown absolutely no respect towards our country, and Trudeau/Freeland have let them get away with it. By refusing to retaliate and refusing to show strength, the Trudeau government has demonstrated pathetic weakness, which only encourages more bullying from the ruthless Communist State.

Now, with the G20 meeting coming up, Justin Trudeau is seeking to finally get a meeting to discuss the detained Canadians. Here’s what Trudeau said during a recent media appearance:

“I look forward to being at the G20 in a few weeks as an opportunity to engage with a number of world leaders with whom we have either good working relationships or challenges. The opportunity to engage with the Chinese president directly is certainly something that we are looking at. The continued detention of two Canadians in an arbitrary manner by the Chinese government is of utmost concern to us. Their actions on canola, their issues around other products as well, is of concern. We are going to highlight the processes and the engagement that Canada has with the world and the way China should engage with the world needs to remain, following the rules, principles and values that we’ve all agreed to.”

While it would be great if Trudeau could secure the release of the two illegally detained Canadians in a meeting with Xi, his approach to China has put Canada and Canadians at serious risk.

China respects strength, and will ruthlessly bully anyone who shows weakness or submission. Yet weakness and submission is exactly what Trudeau and Freeland have shown.

Canada has several ways we could retaliate against China. We could impose tariffs on their products. We could ban foreign homebuyers. We could ban Huawei. We could expel their ambassador.

But none of that has happened.

Instead, Freeland and Trudeau have just kept asking for meetings.

As long as that weak approach continues, the risks to Canada will continue to rise.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube