BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals Ran Ads On Facebook Soliciting Donations In The U.S. & U.K. “Despite It Being Illegal To Accept Donations From Foreign Citizens” Reports Toronto Star

It’s illegal for federal political parties to accept donations from non-Citizens or non-Permanent Residents.

As the Trudeau Liberal government considers shutting down social media in advance of the election, it turns out they’re the ones failing to follow the rules.

The Toronto Star is reporting that the Federal Liberals solicited donations in the United States and the United Kingdom:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party ran a series of fundraising ads targeting American and U.K. audiences on Facebook despite it being illegal to accept donations from foreign citizens.

The party used its official Facebook account, as well as Trudeau’s, to solicit donations from the U.S. and U.K. for a week in March — advertising party official Braeden Caley says was an error. Caley said no money was collected from foreign citizens through the ad campaign.”

The Liberals are claiming it was a mistake:

“A limited set of grassroots fundraising ads on Facebook inadvertently ran briefly both inside and outside of Canada, when that wasn’t the intention here,” said Caley, a spokesperson for the Liberal party, in a statement to the Star.

“The ads were removed by the following week. (The Liberal party) has also been reviewing with Facebook how the ads were able to extend into the other places that you’ve referenced.”

It must be emphasized that it is illegal for a Canadian federal political party to solicit donations from anyone who is not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Despite that, the Liberals ran the ads for a full week in two foreign countries. Despite running the donation solicitation ads for that period of time, the Liberals are actually trying to claim that they raised no money from foreign countries.

Of course…

This is appalling, and is massively hypocritical, considering how the Trudeau Liberals are the ones threatening to silence social media as election approaches, and are constantly attacking the social media platforms for ‘not following the rules.’

Turns out, it’s the Liberals who are not following the rules, and this raises even more questions about their shady and authoritarian motives as they seek to put the government in control of social media networks and reduce our freedom to speak and debate freely.

Yet again, the Liberals tell everyone to act a certain way, and then do the exact opposite – while expecting us to just ignore their corrupt and manipulative actions.

Spencer Fernando

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