CANADA JOBS REPORT: Here’s Why It’s Not Exactly As It Seems

The old way of measuring the job market simply isn’t showing us the real picture anymore.

There is a growing disconnect between the government figures being released on the job market, and what people are feeling on the ground.

Surveys consistently show that Canadians feel pessimistic about the economy, say the economy feels weak, are struggling with immense amounts of debt, and feel like they’re falling behind as the cost of living outstrips any gain they may get in their pay.

Meanwhile, the government releases statistics saying the job market is hitting one ‘record’ after another, with supposedly record one-month job gains and record-low unemployment.

So, what’s going on here?

Two things.

First, there is almost certainly some sort of manipulation going on behind the scenes, as a desperate government does whatever they can to ensure ‘good numbers’ as the election nears.

Second, the way the government measures the economy, and particularly the job market, is brutally flawed.

For example, the latest jobs report says there were 27,700 jobs created in May.

That sounds good.

However, the number of people in the labour force – which many consider a more accurate economic gauge – fell by 49,200. Business website BNN Bloomberg said that was “one of the largest one-month declines.”

The unemployment rate is also supposedly at a record low of 5.4%. Again however, that is because 76,000 people simply gave up looking for work, and are no longer considered unemployed under the current system.

BNN also points out “The composition of the gains was not particularly robust, reflecting an increase of 61,500 among self-employed. The number of “employees’ in the economy actually declined.”

That ‘self-employed’ number is very important to look at.

In today’s economy, we are increasingly see people losing secure jobs with benefits, while then becoming self-employed in far more precarious positions. So, while there may technically be some jobs being created, the quality of those jobs is often worse, and leaves people far more vulnerable.

Unfortunately, none of that gets included or discussed when the government pushes their messaging, and the Liberal government will certainly use this latest jobs report as false confirmation of their economic policies.

That’s why we need to look at the deeper picture, because that deeper look shows us why there is such a gap between what the government is saying, and what we’re all feeling on the ground.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

It is not hard to believe that Turdeau corrupt govt is fudging the numbers


“Investigative reporting” stopped being part of the Media agenda a long time ago. This is a sample of what $600 million does to pandering Media.

Keep supporting Spencer and others that aren’t on the Liberal payroll.


Job numbers from the liberals have no basis in reality . Trudums liberals know that but continue to lie to Canadians

Shawn Harris

Does anyone still believe the promises made by Trudeau of giving a kickstart to the economy and helping the middle class grow. Like everything that flows from Trudeau’s vapid brain, they have been and still are just lies. It is impossible to have more people working when 76,000 workers have given up trying to find a job. Trudeau has exchanged full time well paying long term jobs for part time, low wage short term jobs. And that, is somehow going to be benefit to the middle class workers, definitely not. Time for Trudeau to experience what a real low wage… Read more »

Ruth Bard

More lies from the lying liars in Ottawa. No one should be surprised.

A A Murray

How many of the NEW jobs are in the government subsidized ‘social enterprise’ sector? This rapidly growing ‘private’ sector is quickly replacing traditional independent businesses while gaining substantial influence over government policy.


The Fudging of the Job Numbers by Pinocchio and his Lying Liberal Sheeple should be Common Knowledge to All Canadians. They have Lied about Everything! This should be brought up in the House of Commons during Parliament, Andrew Scheer’s should bring it up in his Speeches when he travels across Canada and this should be shared by Canadians with Family and Friends. Some Canadians are Oblivious and would actually believe Pinocchio and his Lying, Corrupt Liberals. Let’s boot Trudeau and ALL Liberals OUT this October!


This article is spot on. I’ve tried to have this discussion with many Canadians, and as always, they don’t want to believe it. I feel this country is built on lies and people are too apathetic to question government and dubious media press releases. Fact is the cost of living relative to wages for most people is woeful, and those job creation rates do not tell the real or accurate story. It’s an old dinosaur.