REALITY: Doug Ford Is Far More Popular Than Justin Trudeau

Far different from what elitist establishment wants people to think.

We’ve heard a ton of stories in the establishment press about how ‘unpopular’ Doug Ford is.

There’s no coincidence that the stories are all happening as Doug Ford makes tough decisions that bother entrenched interest groups.

For example, Ford is capping the increase in public sector wage growth at 1%, in a measure that will help get the budget back towards balance. Considering that most taxpayers don’t get paid like public sector workers, Ford’s move is a common-sense approach.

Yet, the tone of the coverage of Ford has been almost hysterical, as if the world is somehow coming to end just because he’s getting spending under control.

Contrast that to the coverage of Justin Trudeau, who is rarely referred to as ‘unpopular’ by the elitist press.

Reading the coverage, you would think that Trudeau has lots of support, while Ford is wandering off in the political wilderness.

But the reality is far different.

In fact, Doug Ford is more popular than Justin Trudeau.

The latest Angus-Reid Institute survey of the approval ratings of Canada’s provincial premiers shows Doug Ford with 36% approval. The Ford PCs won 40.5% of the vote in the provincial election, meaning that he is keeping almost all of his support – despite making some tough decisions forced on him by the horrendous record of the Ontario Liberals.

So, Ford is at 36%.

What is Trudeau at?

Eric Grenier’s Leader Meter – the most comprehensive accounting of federal leader approval ratings – puts Justin Trudeau’s approval rating at just 31%. That’s based on compiled leadership polls.

The most recent poll included in the ‘Leader Meter’ puts Trudeau at 31%. Some have him even lower, with Angus-Reid putting him at 28%.

The Nanos Survey asks a different question – preferred PM – and even on that score Trudeau has weak numbers. He’s at 27%.

So, we have large series of polls, all showing Justin Trudeau is far less popular than Doug Ford.

Why doesn’t that get much coverage?

Because it doesn’t fit the elitist narrative, which must demonize Ford, demonize Conservatives, and try to keep Trudeau in power at all costs.

That’s because – instead of serving the People – Trudeau and his cronies serve the elites. And with more and more Canadians waking up to that fact, the elites are desperate to bring down anyone who would oppose their dangerous agenda.

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Spencer Fernando

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