Trudeau Government Says They Support OAS Genocide Investigation Into Canada

We’ve entered the twilight zone folks.

Following Justin Trudeau’s comments that he ‘accepts’ the MMWIG conclusion that Canada is committing genocide, and following use of that term himself, the Organization of American States called for an international probe into allegations of genocide against our country.

Yet, rather than push back on the idea of a humiliating foreign probe of Canada, the Trudeau government is doubling-down, announcing that they ‘absolutely’ support it.

That was made clear by Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett, in an interview with Mercedes Stephenson:

“In an interview with The West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson, Bennett said there’s “clear evidence” that successive Canadian governments took actions that killed Indigenous people and that the government would support the call from the Organization of American States (OAS) last week to probe the matter.

“Absolutely,” she said when asked specifically whether the government would support the OAS creating a body to look into the allegation of genocide.

“We welcome a rules-based international system, and so once this report has been tabled, if anybody wants to come and look, we believe we are putting in place the concrete actions to stop this national tragedy,” Bennett said.”

A video of the segment can be viewed below:

As if it wasn’t enough that Justin Trudeau humiliated our nation and opened us up to serious potential legal problems – plus destroyed any leverage he could have talking to countries like China and Saudi Arabia about human rights – his government is now welcoming the further continuation of that humiliation.

Justin Trudeau is attempting to wipe out our love for our country and take us down on the world stage, and his government isn’t even being subtle about it anymore.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Just look at the names published in main stream media regarding arrests in human trafficking York Regional Police in Project Raphael 2017. It is not old stock Canadians it is a specific culture that dominates it. Look at newer cases and you have the same thing. This is why the Liberals opted to pay for name changes to have them feel more Canadian culturally.

Don Taylor

I was born in CANADA 80 yrs ago and I love my country and now we Have somehow elected a govt that wants to destroy our country in favor of the corrupt globalist and the UN,Canadian people have to wake up to all the lies That Trudeau’s govt have told us since they have gotten into power, They must be kicked out of power in the October elections,if we want save our country,WAKE UP Canada,their have been to many scandals even using our money to bribe the Media


October now please, this idiocy has to end.

Carol Harris

From minute one I felt that this was done very deliberately and it is going to have a devastating outcome for Canada’s future. He set us up and opened the doors for foreign interference in our country. Also there will mostly likely end up being an astronomical monetary cost to us because through his admittance alone even when refuted will give levage to hold us ransom.

Major Tom

If a Canadian globalist PM can call in an unaccountable, international organization to investigate this country in peace time…’s only a matter of time before the UN will have blue helmets on our soil…..disarming….and rounding up the Christians, Jews and Patriots……..wait for it……..

Shawn Harris

Justin Trudeau is a traitor to the core. Trudeau, his remarks, statements and beliefs show he has never once tried to defend Canada, Canadians or even what Canada stands for. Since when is genocide, defined as the murder of women, indigenous , or otherwise. Genocide is the planned, deliberate actions, carried out by the state, to eliminate an identifiable group or ethnic native people; nowhere is that proven by this inquiry. Canadians can’t let Trudeau define us all as murderers. Trudeau is once again showing just how divisive he really he is. He is pandering for the native and indigenous… Read more »


This has never been a legal Canadian government, I wish we could have a real legal election now so we could get rid of destructive fake illegal government. In my opinion, next it will be genocide on legal law abiding colonial Canadians as he has said we do not need to have or want colonial Canadians. All LIEberals must go.


What a sad sack. Not my pm. Ever.


If it is Genocide then the Catholic Church is heavily complicit in it. Has the government any records from the church mentioning what was happening and are there any replies?

old white guy

We have gone beyond the twilight zone, we have fallen in the rabbit hole with Alice and apparently we are now to stoned to understand what is happening. Unfortunately for us there is no escape because it is not a story.


Who is that traitor accusing of commiting Genocide, Spencer?
He hates us so much that he is going out of his way to cause hatred, divisiveness, splitting up provinces, now genocide.
I also think justin is trying to start a War fare between Indigenous people and White Colonists.

Aaron Barrett

What will FN’s do if they find out it’s their own men killing their women? Will it still be the fault of colonial power from 500 years ago?


Trudeau is a disgrace..


And a traitor..