Do You Want The Best Response To The MMIWG Report? CUT FOREIGN AID. – Here’s Why

To truly help Indigenous Women & Girls and all Canadians, we need to stop giving billions to foreign countries and spend that money here at home.

The aftermath of the MMIWG report has been consumed by Justin Trudeau’s decision to use the term ‘genocide.’ It was a horrible move by Trudeau, and has now opened Canada up to a foreign genocide investigation.

Most discussion of the actual report has now been almost entirely replaced with the ‘genocide’ discussion, which is quite unfortunate.

However, the fact is that very few are talking about what the best response to the report would have been:

Cutting Foreign Aid.

Imagine if Justin Trudeau had said this following the release of the report:

“Today, we received a report detailing the fact that many Indigenous Women & Girls – in addition to many Canadians of all backgrounds – have lived, and often still live in unacceptable conditions. In response to this report, and in recognition of the fact that it’s the job of the Canadian government to serve those living within our borders, I have directed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to immediately cut our foreign aid, and redirect that money towards helping Canadians in need.”

It was the perfect opportunity to bring our country together around the idea of helping Canadians who need support, and ensuring that our tax dollars are spent helping our fellow citizens, rather than going to foreign countries.

Unfortunately, not only did Trudeau fail to say what I wrote above, the federal government instead announced that billions more of our tax dollars would be given away outside our borders.

The Trudeau government is giving $1.4 billion per year to a so-called ‘global equality fund.’

They announced that huge giveaway of our tax dollars just as the MMIWG report was received, which is a total insult and slap in the face.

It is unconscionable that – as the report indicated – even as we have so many people in our country who are struggling, the federal government is giving billions away. That money is needed here at home. That money was earned and created by Canadians. How can anyone justify giving it to non-citizens at a time when many of our citizens are in desperate need?

Cutting foreign aid would have been the right response to the MMIWG report, and it is still the right response. In many ways, it’s the only response that can actually achieve something of substance

Enough is enough. The politicians need to wake up, end the virtue-signalling, and take concrete tangible action, and that starts with cutting our foreign aid and redirecting that money towards Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Trudeau has delivered another deep blow to Canada. The cost only he knows what his hidden agenda is and it’s not to benefit Canada.

Maureen Trask

Wow, this makes sense. But, I’m still confused.
If “genocide” is against peoples or a race, ethnic or religious group, why are we only talking about women and girls in Canada’s National Inquiry for MMIWG? If it is called “genocide”, then shouldn’t it include indigenous men and boys? Shouldn’t it be called “femicide”? Maybe the NI and even Trudeau could just call it “femicide”, naming it for what it is. It’s difficult to solve this complex problem (MMIWG) when only looking at part of the solution, a great shortcoming from my perspective.

Dave Allsopp

Okay now, you must realize that you are causing numerous liberal heads to explode right now…or possibly implode as they may be vacuous to begin with.


What is wrong with our Indigenous Population? Have they not witnessed what Trudope and his Liberal Cronies have been doing to them? No Clean Drinking Water, Mould Infested Houses, Little Health Care, if any, Mercury Infested Drinking Water, as in “Grassy Narrows”, Ridiculously High Prices on their Groceries which are pretty impossible for our Indigenous Population to afford, and the list goes on! Yet, the Indigenous Population keep voting Traitor Trudeau and his Corrupt Cronies back in. Please, Please, Please, give your Head a Shake. All the billions of Our Tax Dollars that were sent to Rogue, Terrorist Loving Countries… Read more »

Dave Allsopp

Sorry but if they have enough money to invest in part of the$7.5-billion they are going to need to build the Trans Mountain expansion, why do they not have enough to set up water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants on reserves? Mould infested houses are caused by lack of routine maintenance and lack of cleanliness! Better health care would go hand in hand with clean water, proper sewage handling, and maintenance of buildings. Surely some of their own are trained healthcare professionals! At the same time, I agree that all that money moved offshore could help a lot of… Read more »

Dave Allsopp

Spencer Fernando, while I applaud your idea, please understand that liberals have become so complicated in their minds that they can barely decide how to clean themselves with toilet tissue without setting a parliamentary commission on what is not islamophobic, not anti-lgbtq, not racist about arse wiping and what is acceptable practice. These poor goofs have virtue signaled any remaining common sense right out of their heads. Then you arrive with hard line common sense that is just too painful for them to examine without wrapping it in major politically correct rhetoric which makes them feel oh so respected and… Read more »


You are so right Spencer, but this money they are giving away is just more debt borrowed for Canadians to pay many years from now, instead of helping Canadians. This illegal foreign cartel running Canada needs to leave and we need a Canadian government for our sovereign country.

Clive Edwards

Absolutely. Let’s see if Scheer puts an end to this theft from Canadians. If he fires the External Affairs department and puts in some aggressive Canadian patriots he could pull it off.

old white guy

We have become a non-nation. In a Canadian’s mind’s we are a powerhouse of moral integrity. That is so far from the truth as to be laughable. All wealth generated by Canadians should be used by and for Canadians. When all Canadians are living above third world standards then maybe we can spread a bit elsewhere.

Brian Dougan

Here’s a thought: Perhaps the “Global Equality Fund” is actually the “Trudeau Foundation.” Cash funneled into his pockets.