“Drinking Water Bottles Out Of Water”: Watch As Trudeau’s Brain Malfunctions When He’s Asked How His Family Is Cutting Back On Plastics


Thanks to what’s called the mirror neuron, we are able to vicariously feel the pain or embarrassment of somebody else just by watching them fall apart.

And even though I’m no fan of Trudeau, even I felt a tad embarrassed for him when he was asked what he and his family are doing to cut down on plastics.

The context of the question is an upcoming ban by the Trudeau government on the use of single-use plastics.

During a media event, a reporter asked Trudeau “What do you and your family do to cut back on plastics?”

The obvious answer from Trudeau would have been “nothing,” or “not enough,” but he can’t bring himself to pass up a chance at virtue-signalling. He had to show that he was doing something, anything.

But in the attempt to give a good answer, his brain malfunctioned.

Here’s the result as shared by @Canadabuster on Twitter:

“Watch Trudeau’s stumbling response to reporter who asked him “What do you and your family do to cut back on plastics”

Good hair doesn’t buy you smarts!”

“He said this: “we have recently switched to drinking water bottles out of…water, when we have water bottles…out of a plastic…sorry…away from plastic towards paper…like drink-box, water-bottle sorta things.”’

*If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.*


The thing is, if Trudeau is struggling this badly with what should have been a simple question, it’s clear why he’s struggling with everything else (the economy, China, etc).

His poor brain just can’t handle the demands of perpetual wokeness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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How stoned does one have to be… LOL

Damin Diadema

Good segment for the old ad “…this is your brain on drugs”.

Quang Le

It’s no surprise you would quote something from Regan’s war on Marijuana. That oh so evil drug!

Diane DiFlorio

A total doofus — too funny

Leo Frey

You may feel embarrassed for him Fernando but I love watching him make an ass out of himself, especially when he’s trying to lie about how he is so much more concerned than us about everything he lies about. He wants us to know that he’s better than all of us and that’s usually when something stupid comes out of his mouth.

Sharon Kerr

You can bet he will use plastic, when you lie, it’s hard to form the sentence,

derek met

Don’t the drink boxes use the very straws he wants to ban?

Quang Le

No straws needed. It’s got a mouth piece, like when you buy coconut water. Duh.

Stuart Robinson

The boxes actually use plastic liners and are hard to recycle.


perpetual wokeness…lol…keep up the good work, Spencer!


Like wow man, don’t be hatin’ on the guy man, I think like he was like quoting a line from ahhh Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure eh!!

Norbert Kausen

BRAIN???!!! “No Brain, No Heart, He’s Much Too Shy…”

Shawn Harris

It was a simple and good first question, but not the right question. The question that should have been asked is, are you sure that was water you were drinking and not Vodka. Since Trudeau can’t handle a non Gerald Butts scripted answer, he is doing a fine impersonation of the Mckenzie brothers without the cold beer. Just who voted this clown in as PM?


the east

Ahmed F Hosny

Drink-boxes or paper-bag-bottles…?


Everyone has these brain farts.

alan skelhorne

how in the world can you make a statement like that, well I guess your used to drinking the liberal kool aid, so your brain is screwed up also.

Valerie Clark

No. They don’t. The answers to the question are simple. He’s so far removed from the reality of having to deal with such things that he has no clue so he tried to wing it and failed miserably. When asked, “What do you and your family do to cut back on plastics?” there are simple answers. I’d say, “Use cloth, compostable or paper bags. Don’t buy products packaged in plastic. Use only glass storage containers. Recycle any plastic I do get.” Canada, however, is not the problem. 90% of the plastic in the oceans is from Africa and Southeast Asia… Read more »

Rick Forrest

Same as the carbon “problem” Canada is supposedly responsible for 1.6% The rest of the world 98.4% yet we get taxed and taxed and taxed to fix the ‘problem’. So trudno tries to show himself as the hero. Only his like minded brain-dead buy his crap.


Not everyone spews an outright lie I know it’s a liberal thing for sure

Rick Forrest

Never saw Prime Minister Stephen Harper have one!!

Sharon Kerr

There’s that Harper name again lol, at least it’s a positive, thanks for that


But this many brain farts lol? His whole public career is a brainfart

Sharon Kerr

Not as many as Trudeau, a poor representive for a “once great Country”.

Damin Diadema

This is how the world sees Canada!

Gerri Page

Face it, you just can’t fix stupid. Totally unqualified to be PM or even a clerk in a store but he became rich courtesy of us taxpayers. He has to be voted out and go back to becoming a nobody.


A nobody with a huge pension for life as well as his multimillion dollar inheritance. All thanks to the eastern electorate for being gullible enough to fall for the far left liberal propaganda spewed by the far left liberal supporting media.


That’s what happens when the person running your country is completely stoned out of his mind. Which is normal for him 99.9% of the time. Mix that with his low IQ and this is what you get. I’m to embarrassed to admit he’s our Prime Minister.


THIS is our head of state???


Unfortunately…it is.

F. D'soua

This is the state of his head…..


Justin’s brain malfunctions on a daily basis.


Trudope has Brain Malfunctions, NOT Only on a Daily Basis, but Every Time he Opens his Mouth. Let’s face it, Canadians Voted in a Brainless, Delusional Twit who actually believed and still believes that he is Qualified for the Position of PM of Canada. Canadians in Every Province, (Especially the Atlantic Provinces) and Territories should be UTTERLY EMBARRASSED FOR HAVING VOTED FOR THIS TWERP TO ACTUALLY GOVERN THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY! This was the BIGGEST Mistake that Canadians Have Ever Made! Please, Let’s all Vote Intelligently this October and in all Future Elections! It will take Many More Elections of… Read more »


Must have had malfunctioning earpieces.


He and his family have already switched to paper drink box water bottles eh. When you wanna lie about how you’re making a difference the first thing you should do is make sure what you’re claiming to have switched to actually exists… lol


What a tool. I like Sheer’s response: “Trudeau is grasping at straws.” Millions of jobs would be affected. I think something needs to be done, but include all affected and influential voices, including the public, and don’t use what is a very important issue as an election prop. A pic that might appear in ‘The Urban Dictionary’: “A guy with a hugely over-inflated ego, who in an attempt to get un-due attention for himself, will act like a jackass, because, in his deluded state, he will think it’s going to make him look cool, or make others want to be… Read more »


Y’all waiting your time with a video which has obviously been edited. Replaying and rearranging clips within the video to make things worse. It may have started out a live video but c’mon people. Learn to see an edit

Bill Craig

Jesse Are you frickin serious??

Karen Anderson

Duh,if he only had a brain !!!

Clive Edwards

Somebody needs to give this boy a triple espresso enema. Obviously he’s not getting enough stimulants.

David MacKAY

Gerald Butts resigned…and clearly there is no longer a handler speaking into Justin ear piece telling him wahat to say. It is also clear that any liberal caucus member with half a brain is not taking the job.

old white guy

A simpleton of the first order. He is just what simple minded Canadians deserve. We have become to stupid to survive and are proving that almost daily.


Boy you are right on target…I’m so glad I’m in my 70’s…this once great country is doomed…who possibly could have thought that this clot could have replaced Harper?


Prime minister Soggybottle


He is just an unbelievably stupid person elected by even more unbelievably stupid people.


Big ego…little brain.


what a total jackass….


I can’t decide if Trudeau is stoned or drunk in this video, or both – Just look at his eyes along with the slurring…. – holy smokes…UNBELIEVABLE…..


He’s not even embarrassed, the stuttering fool. Does water even come in paper drink boxes? Juice boxes are a terrible example of single use waste…and they use plastic straws and…are lined with….plastic.
Caught in a fabrication…




Oh dear we are all trying our very best to recycle our trash plastic in one pile cardboard in another, tin in another and on and on meanwhile our recycle plastic goes to the Philippines and Malazia. And our PM doesn’t know what he’s drinking or what hes drinking out of so sad…..


Trudy is precisely like Barry Soetoro, when he goes off script he is an incoherent, bumbling fool completely devoid of logic, knowledge or truth.


Trudeau’s brain malfunctions every time he opens his mouth. He is intellectually challenged at the best of times, but when he actually is required to think and talk at the same time, we are treated to a verbal disaster.

Laura Ludwig

does he have any clue that his is nearly braindead?

Tom Wilkins

He stopped blurting out that Nestle gives his family free water for services rendered.

Michael Knight

He’s not an idiot. He has systematically stolen all of our money. He donated to very dubious foreign aid campaigns, all of which disappeared shortly after. No doubt he got some kickbacks into some of his offshore accounts. Take a look at Canada’s foreign aid to Afghanistan, all of which has gone missing and no one is talking about it.

Dingus Kahn

Trudeaux should wear a red shirt and a gilligan hat .


Well the boy is an idiot….and a lot of idiots got him there…Liberalism is a mental disorder…