“Drinking Water Bottles Out Of Water”: Watch As Trudeau’s Brain Malfunctions When He’s Asked How His Family Is Cutting Back On Plastics


Thanks to what’s called the mirror neuron, we are able to vicariously feel the pain or embarrassment of somebody else just by watching them fall apart.

And even though I’m no fan of Trudeau, even I felt a tad embarrassed for him when he was asked what he and his family are doing to cut down on plastics.

The context of the question is an upcoming ban by the Trudeau government on the use of single-use plastics.

During a media event, a reporter asked Trudeau “What do you and your family do to cut back on plastics?”

The obvious answer from Trudeau would have been “nothing,” or “not enough,” but he can’t bring himself to pass up a chance at virtue-signalling. He had to show that he was doing something, anything.

But in the attempt to give a good answer, his brain malfunctioned.

Here’s the result as shared by @Canadabuster on Twitter:

“Watch Trudeau’s stumbling response to reporter who asked him “What do you and your family do to cut back on plastics”

Good hair doesn’t buy you smarts!”

“He said this: “we have recently switched to drinking water bottles out of…water, when we have water bottles…out of a plastic…sorry…away from plastic towards paper…like drink-box, water-bottle sorta things.”’

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The thing is, if Trudeau is struggling this badly with what should have been a simple question, it’s clear why he’s struggling with everything else (the economy, China, etc).

His poor brain just can’t handle the demands of perpetual wokeness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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