SURVEY: In Clear Rebuke To Liberals, Just 10% Of Canadians Want The Government To Decide What News Is ‘Real’ Or Not

A decisive rejection of attempts by the Trudeau Liberals to push for government control over social media networks.

As we all know, the Trudeau Liberals have repeatedly lied to Canadians.

In fact, the Liberal government is by far the biggest purveyor of fake news that Canada has ever seen before.

The lies are endless.

Yet, the arrogant elitist Liberals somehow feel that they should have the power to decide what is and isn’t ‘real’ or ‘fake’ news, and are even threatening to shut down social media networks in advance of the election if the networks don’t do the partisan bidding of the government.

The Liberals’ authoritarian approach is disturbing to many Canadians, and goes against what our country stands for. Not only do the Liberals have zero credibility on the truth, it’s dangerous to give any government – regardless of partisan affiliation – the power to decide what news is legitimate or not. That choice should be up to each individual Canadian, not the government.

Now, a new survey by Ipsos that compiled views on the internet from around the world shows almost nobody in Canada supports attempts by the government for deciding what news is fake.

Of all the countries surveyed, an average of 17% of people ‘think that their government should be responsible for deciding what constitutes fake news.’

That number is highest in Indonesia, where 37% support government control.

It’s lowest in Poland, where just 7% support government control.

And Canada is near the low end as well, with just 10% of Canadians wanting the government to decide. We’re tied with Mexico (also 10%) in second for lowest number of people who want the government to define what is and isn’t fake news.

Clearly, that shows there is absolutely no mandate for the attempt by the Trudeau Liberals to control social media, bailout the establishment press, and decide what we are and aren’t allowed to read.

By contrast, when given a list of who should decide what is and isn’t fake news, the largest response by far was to pick ‘none’ of the options. That had 31% support. The next closest option was that individual users are responsible at 15%.

Canadians are rejecting the idea that any centralized or external authority should decide the truth for us. It’s not up to the government. It’s not up to the elites. It’s about people making our own choices in an environment of free speech and free expression.

The dangerous and authoritarian approach of the Trudeau Liberals simply doesn’t have support, as it’s been rejected by the overwhelming majority of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Sounds like the libs are experiencing election fraud differently than the population.


I just don’t understand why the Liberal party have not been removed from Parliament. They are so corrupt. Do we not have some sort of recourse..We have to get them out now. There will be no Canada in 5 months.☹️

Shawn Harris

It is rather ironic that in the past election and even further back, the Liberal Party of Canada didn’t have a problem with either social media, the mainstream media or the citizens , when it came to the news. Only since Trudeau took over the Liberal party has the news been a problem, especially for Trudeau and his desire to remain in power forever.

Norbert Kausen

Apparently, there are reports of Trudeau is using Face Book to beg for funding for his campaign from foreign countries… HIGHLY ILLEGAL!!! With all the corruption and criminal activities he and his gang of henchmen… errr….ahhhh….ummm…ehhhh…”henchpeoplekind”, he doesn’t want the cat out of the bag. Censorship is his only way to keep Canadians in the dark!!


Why haven’t charges been laid against Trudeau and his Liberals? Simply saying they are sorry for getting caught, yet again, for breaking the law, doesn’t remove the crime. There are a lot of instances where he broke laws and yet no arrests. One law for Canadians and a different set for Liberals? Obviously.

Darlene Schmaltz

Just another step in Trudeaus aim for dictatorship. He needs to go. Worse PM Canada has ever had.