SURVEY: Trudeau Has Worst Net Approval Of All Federal Leaders

Majority of Canadians disapprove.

With recent polls by Angus Reid and Nanos showing Justin Trudeau with weak approval/leadership ratings, another survey confirms this.

According to the latest Forum Research poll, the majority of Canadians continue to disapprove of the PM, giving him the worst net approval ratings of all the federal leaders.

Here are the numbers:

Trudeau: 34% approve, 56% disapprove -22 net approval

Scheer: 33% approve, 45% disapprove -12 net approval

Singh: 23% approve, 40% disapprove -17 net approval

May: 44% approve, 22% disapprove +22 net approval

A few things jump out here.

First, Trudeau is very unpopular, with a clear majority of Canadians against him.

Second, Scheer is at a crucial inflection point, where he could have decent numbers if he boosts his popularity, or could fall to Trudeau-level disapproval if the Liberals/establishment media define him even more negatively.

Finally, Singh and the NDP are in huge trouble. Since election campaigns are so leader-focused, the fact that Elizabeth May is so much more popular than him means the NDP could lose even more support to the Greens over the campaign period, potentially setting them up for a total collapse.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

Trudeau is by far the most incompetent PM in Canadian history

Barb Corbett

Without a doubt.


The debates will swing these numbers further away from true dope as he doesn’t seem to grasp the English language. His fear mongering without facts is a poor strategy.

Barb Corbett

The debates will be the catalyst.

Major Tom

Justin couldn’t lead a pack of starving dogs to a gut bucket……..


Very surprising, you would think that since the green party supports Trudeau and wants to raise the useless carbon tax much higher than the lieberals and wants even more environment laws to prohibit our energy sector and jobs, and this IS a one world party etc., Do Canadians do any looking and checking or just believe what the lieberals, with our tax dollars, slanted lieberal advertisement mainstream fake media makes up? especially the nonsense about the common sense Conservatives, or is it these polls that are fake?