The Canadian People Want Huawei Banned

Time for the government to listen.

As I’ve been saying for a long-time, the government must ban Communist-China controlled Huawei.

Others have echoed that call as of late, most notably Conservaitve LEader Andrew Scheer, who has also called for Huawei to be banned from our 5G networks.

Now, a survey shows the clear majority of Canadians agree.

According to a Globe & Mail poll, 53% say Huawei should be banned. Meanwhile, just 22% think a ban would be an overreaction. 25% say they don’t know.

Here’s what pollster Nik Nanos said about the results:

“The challenge [for] Huawei corporately is that for many Canadians, they just directly connect the company back to the Chinese government. For the [Canadian] government, there is a steep hill for them to climb to try to persuade Canadians that Huawei should be allowed to participate in the 5G telecommunications network and that is exceptionally high among men and middle-aged Canadians and also among Canadians who live in central and Western Canada.”

This shows a clear mandate for the federal government to take decisive action and ban Huawei with the support of the Canadian People behind them.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberal government has shown nothing but pathetic weakness when it comes to foreign policy. Chrystia Freeland is reduced to begging for a meeting that she can’t get, and Trudeau refuses to take even small actions to retaliate, sending the clear message that China can treat us like garbage and we won’t even respond, which only encourages more attacks on us.

Disturbingly, the report on the poll also notes how Huawei is hiring Canadians to lobby for them:

“In May, The Globe reported that Huawei hired a slew of public-relations and government-relations experts, including Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada, to help in the campaign to win over Canadians and Ottawa. Some of the people it has brought on board have worked for former Liberal or Conservative governments and also come from a wide array of businesses.”

That kind of disloyalty is disgraceful, as Canadian Citizens should never be serving the interests of a Communist-controlled company.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube