Trudeau & McKenna Rebuked As Opponents Of Carbon Tax Vastly Outnumber Supporters

The carbon tax is hated by millions of Canadians.

I often refer to the Trudeau Carbon Tax as the ‘hated’ carbon tax.

Some on the far-left may criticize that word usage, but the reality is that it’s backed up by the facts.

Those who hate the carbon tax far outnumber those who support it.

According to a recent Forum Research poll, 45% of Canadians oppose the carbon tax.

Meanwhile, just 28% support it.

27% say they neither support nor oppose it.

So, opponents vastly outnumber supporters.

It’s a huge rebuke to Trudeau and McKenna, who have used endless lies and manipulations to try and make the carbon tax popular – and have failed miserably in that effort.

Plus, that poll was conducted just as news was breaking that the carbon tax ‘rebates’ were far smaller than the government had promised, which will reduce support even more over time.

Additionally, 65% of Canadians say the carbon tax will impact their vote.

And that impact is concentrated among those who oppose it, with 84% of opponents saying it will impact their vote in October.

Needless to say, that impact won’t be good for Justin Trudeau.

On the Forum Research website, Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff said the carbon tax seems to be motivating opponents more than supporters.

The Liberals have repeatedly tried to deflect criticism of the carbon tax by attacking Scheer for ‘not having an environmental plan.’

But a recent Angus Reid poll showed that Justin Trudeau is less trusted on the environment than Elizabeth May and Andrew Scheer.

Plus, Scheer says a Conservative environmental plan will be released on June 17th. If that plan goes over well, that – combined with the lack of trust for Trudeau on the environment and the strong opposition to the carbon tax – could hurt his desperate party even more.

Spencer Fernando

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Bill D

Going forward, always point out that the carbon tax will rise annually until it reaches the $50/ton of CO2 point. I believe it will be a perpetually rising tax as long as the Liberals (or NDP, Greens) form government.

old white guy

The lack of intellect and courage shown by the average Canadian is depressing. CO2 has no effect on the climate. It is currently at about 400 ppm and it would be better if it was around 1000 ppm. Ask people what they think it should be and most have no idea where it is now or the fact that if it drops too low, ie 200 ppm we all die.

Sharon Kerr

I am finding that most younger people listen to the propaganda and believe it without searching out the facts


The Big Oil (B.O.) companies spend $39 bn. lobbing governments and send $ millions to support Carbon Tax Lobbyists. There is something amiss. You see the Carbon Tax is the least harmful of all other carbon reduction plans to B.O. and it does not hurt them. You see B.O. does not pay any tax on any of its products. That tax which is paid is built into the cost of their oil just like labour, mining, transportation, etc. We the consumers pay it as well as the added carbon tax.


You’re absolutely right Brian. Every business that pays carbon tax is going to pass it on to its consumers. I hear people say it’s only a small amount but it will help our grandchildren. These people dont understand how business works. Any lost revenue or increased cost has to be recovered somewhere or the business eventually fails. Anyone who doesn’t understand this concept should not be voting. These are the same people who voted for Trudeau because he had nice hair.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and McKenna have proven true that no matter how loudly you scream and how much you stick to the Liberal talking points, Canadians won’t trust or believe what Trudeau and MacKenna say. The polling numbers on the hated carbon tax, only go to prove two things, first Canadians never like to pay more in taxes and second they hate paying a tax base upon lies, deceitful science, knowing it won’t change a single thing in regards to climate change. So sad, that Trudeau and McKenna just don’t get it.