VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Says ‘A Real Plan To Protect Our Environment’ Will Be Unveiled In A Week

As long as it doesn’t have a carbon tax in it, it should be an improvement over Trudeau’s thinly-veiled tax grab.

For months, the Liberals have been attacking Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives for ‘not having a climate plan.’

That attack has mostly fallen flat, since the Liberals don’t have a climate plan, they have a tax plan and an anti-Canadian energy plan.

Meanwhile, the latest Angus Reid poll shows that Elizabeth May is the most trusted federal leader on the environment, followed by Andrew Scheer (Scheer leads on all other issues).

That’s right, after nearly 4 years in power, after endless virtue-signalling, after the carbon tax, after all the destructive regulations, Trudeau is only the third most trusted leader on the environment, with a mere 15% of Canadians picking him on that issue.

Plus, as I’ve pointed out before, the Liberals are setting themselves up for trouble by attacking Scheer for ‘not having a plan,’ since all Scheer needs to do is release something called an ‘environmental plan’ and the Liberal line of attack is finished (they’ll find a new attack line of course).

And now, Scheer has announced that a plan is indeed on the way.

Here’s what Scheer said on Twitter:

“Start the countdown: June 19, A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment.”

For many Canadians fed up with Trudeau’s damaging carbon tax, any plan that cuts taxes and reduces the financial burden will well-received.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Norbert Kausen

Why am I beginning to have misgivings towards Scheer??

Brian Dougan

The environment Scheer? Really? C’mon Chicken Little. This country is in serious trouble. The environment is a non-issue. As usual; you want to please the CBC. Start focusing on the things that matter to most Canadians. You can start by getting your lips off the CBC’s behind.

old white guy

No government on the planet can protect the environment or alter it. We can keep our soil and water clean of pollutants and chemicals. We can control the use of the land and keep it for food production. By the way CO2 is not a pollutant.