Communist China Pins All Blame On Canada For Breakdown In Relations, Trudeau & Freeland Still Can’t Get Meetings

The authoritarian state clearly believes they can bully our country into submission.

Communist China is pinning all the blame for the collapse in relations between us and the authoritarian nation on our country.

Despite repeatedly claiming that the detention of two Canadian Citizens – Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, plus the blocking of our Canola exports – was unrelated to the detention of Meng Wanzhou – there’s now a new message that directly references Meng.

A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry – Geng Shuang – had this to say:

“What I can tell you is that the current setback China-Canada relations face are entirely caused by the Canadian side itself, and the responsibility lies entirely with Canada, too.¬†We hope that Canada will take seriously our severe concerns and immediately release Ms. Meng Wanzhou, and actively take substantial measures to push China-Canada relations back on track as soon as possible.”

Also, Trudeau and Freeland still can’t get meetings, as they have been totally snubbed.

This is a clear message from China that they have no intention to negotiate, discuss, or even consider Canada’s viewpoint. And why would they? They’ve been able to say whatever they want about Canada and mistreat our citizens, while the only response from Trudeau and Freeland has been to just beg for more meetings and continue adopting a subservient attitude.

At this point, Canada has no choice but to retaliate with measures such as restricting foreign homebuyers, banning Huawei, and imposing further restrictions on foreign investment from Communist China-controlled or linked firms. While doing all of those things at once would be best, those actions could also be staggered for dramatic effect. Even one of them would be better than nothing, as it would at least send a message that we can’t be pushed around.

It may not be possible for Canada to ‘win’ a dispute with China, but we can make it clear to China and the world that there is a cost for messing with us, which could discourage further disrespect in the future.

So far however, the Trudeau government continues showing nothing but weakness, and we can expect the disrespect and contempt for Canada’s leadership to keep growing around the world.

Spencer Fernando

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Norbert Kausen

Canada is to blame for trying to think of communist China as a “friend” and trade partner! Communist China has NEVER been a “friend”! ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about communist China, would know their manifesto. ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about communist China would know that they ARE the ENEMY!!!

Gerri Page

No, Trudeau and the Liberals are the enemy. China won’t deal with the little potato but if it was Harper, it would be different.

Don Taylor

These two have done their best to break Canada ,now they are reduced to begging China to to talk to them

old white guy

But, but, but is Trudeau not an admirer of their wonderful dictatorial system?

Big Priest'

Amazing, at what point are Trudeau and Freeland not going to realize, that on the world stage, they don’t matter.

The President of the Republic will get a phone call before those two will receive a phone call, to conduct some business.