Goalposts Move Again, Another Even Bigger Carbon Tax Needed Says PBO

It’s never enough.

The Trudeau Carbon Tax – which is quite unpopular – is an example of the ole ‘foot-in-the-door’ technique.

First, the government gets people paying the carbon tax.

Then, once people are used to the continuing tax grab, the tax get raised over and over and over again, until more and more of our money is taken away from us and put under the control of the politicians – with devastating economic consequences.

That’s why the carbon tax must be fought and defeated now, before it’s too late.

And now, there’s even more evidence that the goalposts are being moved once again.

The Parliamentary Budget Office says that if the Liberals actually want to hit their Paris Climate target, they will need to impose another larger carbon tax on top of the current tax.

Not only that, but they will also need to keep raising the current one – as is currently planned.

So, the $20 per tonne carbon tax will turn into a $50 a tonne carbon tax plus another carbon tax that reaches $50 a tonne by 2030.

Funny how that works…

The socialists who have stolen the label of ‘environmentalists’ are obsessed with putting the government in control of everything, and the carbon tax is a useful way for them to do that.

You’ll notice how everything they tell us ‘must be done’ is never enough.

First we need a carbon tax. Then we need a bigger carbon tax. Then we need two carbon taxes. Then the Paris targets aren’t enough. Then we need higher targets. Then we need more carbon taxes to reach those higher targets. Then those targets won’t be enough. And on and on and on.

The more we give, the more they want to take.

That’s why we should give nothing. No carbon tax. No destructive economic policies. Let us keep our own money, let us make our own decisions. Let us be free.

Spencer Fernando

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I’ve heard this before… Next week the dear leader will announce the carbon tax has been reduced to $50 per tonne.


Never to go after the core problem…
Banking interests and their inflationary policies.
Certainly their continuous record profits are never touched to be used for government policies.
Just the continuous increasing taxes as wages never comes close to catching up.


We still haven’t been informed as to how the Hated Trudeau Carbon Tax will enable them to control climate and what dollar figure they think will be needed to reverse climate change.

Gerri Page

The carbon tax is to make up for all the money that useless PM has wasted. People have to vote him out or we all will be on welfare. Always more money for other countries and the carbon tax is just that a tax on us. PM will go down in history as the worst, wasteful, ignorant destroyer of our beautiful Canada, so people had better smarten up or we are doomed if he gets in again. The Liberal Party dictates to him what to do because he knows nothing about politics except to go on vacations 90% of the… Read more »

Ben Eby

The climate deranged Liberals and their prissy perfect gang of civil servants are softening us up for an even bigger carbon tax onslaught!

Dave Allsopp

Following the agendas (31 and 2030) to the letter. We have been double crossed by this regime!
No one has ever seen a Canadian government carry on in the manner of this band of motley insurgently-minded conspirators.
What made it worse was that this group matched the democrats in the United States, the horrendous NDP debacle in Alberta, followed by the Horgan-Weaver clown show in BC!
Four years has changed a lot, but the Liberals are still sure of their support from out of country colluding forces in the US, Europe, and the toxic UN!


Wow it is never enough, the Greens must be guiding the Lieberals because that is what they had planned to do.
So the elites and cronies have no need to pay these incredulous taxes just take more from us, some professor said it was ok as you become accustomed to being in the cold, but obviously the professor was not about to be robbed by the elites and put out of his home to live on the street, and work for some food, I guess that is the way to collapsing a country for communism.

Shawn Harris

This carbon tax is not only useless and won’t solve the problem Trudeau claims to be real, but it is also a very patronizing and paternalistic slap to our faces; as Trudeau sees us all as little children, needing to be guided by the hand of government. He falsely presents himself as the saviour of the environment while enriching the government coffers, as we try to live our lives with substantially less money. Worse yet, delusional Trudeau and McKenna, see themselves as being able to control the weather, McKenna minister of the weather, climate and now carbon. Come October, Trudeau,… Read more »


Mckstupid can be climate change minister of a floating iceburg headed south stupid cow!! There is nothing worse than a politician actually believes their own lies, and expects the rest of us to be gullible enough to follow along,


PBO also states it will require an additional $52/tonne to meet 2040 targets. But we’ll just rollover like the good little lap dogs we are. Nothing to see here, go back to your couch and let them continue to destroy our Canada.

Derek Dalsin

Isn’t there GST ON carbon tax? There on the BC Carbon Tax. It isn’t a tax, rather a regulatory charge. Hence GST I am told applies.

old white guy

A tax on a tax, how truly canadian. We are the dumbest people on the planet. If taxes fixed anything then let’s tax cancer, that should be the cure.

Clive Edwards

Gassed up just outside Calgary today. Ninety-two point eight cents a liter. I like it when the pump reads more liters than dollars on a sale. Thank you, McKenna.

old white guy

Dumb Canadians are already paying the carbon tax and no matter what the Sheer one says it will never be repealed, and if some semblance of a repeal occurs the tax will be renamed.

Eric Blair

I see this as the PBO is setting the Liberals up in an election year. Remember that the PBO is independent and reports to Parliament and not to the government. By stating that the current carbon tax is not enough, it leaves the Liberals with no choice but to say that the tax needs to be increased if they are to meet their goals as per Paris etc. Geez, tha’st not what voters want to here just before an election. Well done PBO.

William Jones

And to think — for centuries theft has been a crime — but when it is the politicians who are doing the stealing, it is a social necessity. Do not tell me there is honour among thieves.