Considering How Corrupt The System Has Become, We Can’t Trust Elections Canada

Disturbingly, the establishment press is attacking the Conservatives for questioning Elections Canada, when the media should be holding powerful government institutions accountable.

At its best, the media holds the powerful accountable.

And there’s no institution more powerful than the government.

The government can take our money and take our freedom, and one of the only things standing against that is a media full of free-thinkers willing to challenge those in power.

Unfortunately, Canada’s establishment press often acts like an extension of the government, basically operating as a propaganda machine for the Liberals. While there exceptions to that with some reporters and some stories, the overall trend is clear.

And of course, the Liberals are trying to lock that in even more with their establishment media bailout.

A recent example can be seen in how the Conservatives were attacked by the press for saying Elections Canada is biased.

There were articles published in multiple outlets question ‘why are the Conservatives going after Elections Canada.’


How about because former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro went to jail for allegedly overspending his own campaign money, but nobody got in trouble when SNC-Lavalin ran what seems to have been an illegal donation scheme – with most of the illegal funds going to the Liberals. Elections Canada didn’t send anyone to jail for that, and didn’t even reveal it to the public. It was hidden for years.

The double standard is clear: One set of rules for regular Canadians like Dean Del Mastro, and another set of rules for well-connected Liberal elites.

Clearly, the system is totally corrupt, yet instead of focusing on that corruption, the establishment press is attacking the Conservatives for bringing up the corruption in the first place.

How messed up is that?

The reality is that Canadians can’t trust Elections Canada. We can’t trust the system. The system has been rigged and skewed against us, and serves only the Liberal elites. So, not only do the Conservatives have to overcome the foreign money following into our country that helps the Liberals, not only do they have to overcome a biased media, they now have to overcome a system that has been corrupted beyond all recognition.

That’s why nothing can be taken for granted, and even with Trudeau polling badly, there is no room for complacency as the election approaches.

Spencer Fernando


While Justin Trudeau forces Canadians to pay for the establishment media with his corrupt bailout, Spencer Fernando seeks VOLUNTARY contributions. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Cor Rand

On CTV today they were reporting that Trudeau is now 14% ahead in the polls. How is that for fake news ? However, that could persuade some to vote Liberal. There needs to be more push by the Conservatives to keep exposing this corruption. Thank you, Spencer for doing your part. I`m ready to move to the US if he gets in again.

Brian Dougan

Cor; As my mother used to say “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” Fourteen percent ahead? After four horrid years of this lying dunderhead? “CTV: Your trusted news source.” Right. Wonder how much of Trudeau’s bribery pie they received?

Don Taylor

What can Canadians do to stop this corrupt Govt ?


Vote or arm yourself.

Steve Sedore

You may vote but you may still have to arm yourselves.

Ken (Kulak)

Not much when most of the media is the pr arm of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Ben Eby

Fortunately, we have social media! Even with its many flaws, we are able to get honest opinions and to sense the mood of the country, which is no longer available through MSM. Really makes one wonder as to why the MSM refuses to just do their job. Working in conjunction with the inept PM and his cohorts, they have practically destroyed Canada. Why?


Everybody is a second class citizen compared to the laurentian elites. Sad state of affairs for real Canadians these days.


I have learned long ago that anything going through a computer is subject to manipulation at any level.
Just change the coding and anything computerized is subject o biased outcomes.
Including voting…

old white guy

The political system and the media are both corrupt, you are correct. This what happens when government becomes one’s god.

Eleanor Merkus

I have been wondering about Election Canada since I read they donated to the Lieberals. They are in charge of the ballots, and no one else. It probably is fairly easy to fake the results of the vote…..
What can we possibly do to overcome this?


This is the most important election Canada has ever had, and it is sounding more and more like we have been lost to foreign ownership with puppet leaders (the fake LIEberals and their owned media) It has left us with no country, unless we fight for it and even then it may be lost already. The last election was fixed and fake, but covered up, maybe Canadians will wake up for this next foreign controlled fake election, or like Venezuela we will be refugees or very hungry and slaves in once was a democratic great country. Robbed blind by the… Read more »

Dave Allsopp

I want you to think very seriously about this re. fighting for our country!
Our armed forces are small in number and not nearly as well armed as the US forces! Our police forces are limited in number.
We are 36 million people! If 2 million of those rose up and effectively, physically opposed any government, in concentration, they’d never have a chance.


Watch for the Elections Canada messages to contain subtle manipulation statements.
Vote if you care about the future.
Vote if you are concerned about climate emergency ( or something similar )
We can also expect to see different ads specifically aimed at different parts of Canada to subtly manipulate say – Quebec against Western Canada or BC against oil provinces.

Dave Allsopp

If they carry those messages, we should seek out injunctions against them to stop political messaging from what is supposed to be a politically neutral body!


Notice how the pc party hardly says boo about this

Shawn Harris

Knowing this now about the hidden double standard by Elections Canada, shows clearly the real truth about exactly what Trudeau meant when he said that this would be the last election, using first past the post. And it drives home the message , that Trudeau’s elections reform were just a sham, designed to cover up corrupt and illegal election intentions; certainly not to reform elections or give a stronger voice to the voters as he said.Double standards, favouritism, and hypocrisy are the hallmarks of any Liberal government, especially the Trudeau Liberal government. And now thanks to Trudeau and his insiders… Read more »

Rob Gillespie

When the time comes that Elections Canada starts its hiring process for poll workers, as many of us who are suspicious of this as possible should apply for those jobs, in as many areas of the country as can be. I have done such jobs many times in the past, and I have never seen anything untoward, but I am very worried that will not be the case this time. I am also curious to know how the training procedures will differ (if they do) from previous years and decades. If there is interference of any sort, we must be… Read more »

Dave Allsopp

The LPC has Elections Canada under ‘control’! They have the Auditor General under ‘control’ (by underfunding him)! They haves the judicial system under ‘control’ (through decades of appointing Liberal judges at all levels) They have the RCMP under control! They have the Senate under Liberal ‘control’ They have the Governor General under ‘control’! They have the press under ‘control! THEY HAVE EFFECTIVELY SUPPLANTED DEMOCRACY WITH A DICTATORSHIP!!


Spencer, Have you seen the World Economic Forum Strategic Intelligence website? Because I am not so sure concerning our selves with the next election is even going to matter. I for one would love to hear your insights.