FOOLS: After Attacking Scheer For Lack Of Climate Plan, Liberals Are Now Attacking His Upcoming Plan… Before It’s Even Released

It’s almost as if they aren’t sincere…

For months, the Trudeau Liberals have been attacking Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer for not having a climate plan.

The attacks haven’t really worked, since Scheer is rated as more trusted on the environment than Trudeau according to the latest polls.

Still, the attacks continued.

Then, Scheer announced that his climate plan would be released on June 19th.

You would think that the Liberals would at least offer some grudging praise for Scheer, since he’s now deprived them of their ‘no climate plan’ talking point.


Instead, the Liberals are foolishly attacking his plan – before it’s even been released.

In an op-ed, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna slammed the upcoming plan, despite – and this can’t be said enough – having no idea what will be in it.

Here’s part of what she wrote:

“We can hope for the best from the upcoming Conservative climate policy reveal. But we should all prepare for the worst. This is a political party that has lost its way – and it’s Canadians who stand to lose the most.

While the rest of the world is taking more action to battle this climate crisis, Canada’s Conservatives want to go in exactly the opposite direction.

The finest business minds in the world believe cutting carbon pollution is both necessary and possible to prevent profound harm to our economy and to our wellbeing. Major companies – from Coca Cola, to Ford, Apple, Maersk, and Shell – are re-imagining their business models. And the creativity and ambition we see from small businesses working to improve their environmental performance and adopt more sustainable solutions is beyond inspiring. Governments at all levels should encourage these entrepreneurial instincts – and watch the good things that will happen.

Yet Canada’s Conservatives seem dead-set in the belief that fighting climate change is bad for business. Does Andrew Scheer really know better than these leading global companies?”

Amazing, it seems that in addition to controlling the weather, Catherine McKenna can also see the future.

There’s a few interesting things here.

First of all, McKenna has no idea what direction the Conservatives are going because she has no idea what’s in their upcoming plan.

Second, why is she quoting foreign multinational corporations? Does she really think those companies know more about Canada than Canada’s largest opposition party? If so, that is absurd.

And third, the Liberals keep pushing their ‘carbon tax’ as an environmental plan, despite the plan being ripped to shreds by its own contradictions. For example, the PBO says it’s not even close to being big enough to meet the Paris Accord targets. Plus, the Liberals now claim they’ll freeze it in 2022, despite having previously said it needs to keep rising to meet emissions targets.

So, the Carbon Tax isn’t enough to meet the targets the Liberals claim to support, but it’s still large enough to damage the economy, hurt Canadians, and make life less affordable.

How can the Liberals claim the tax is an environmental plan if it doesn’t even meet their environmental goals?

The reality is that it’s a tax plan, meaning the Liberals also don’t have an environmental plan – the exact thing they accuse the Conservatives of.

As a result, all the Liberals can do is attack others, making fools of themselves in the process by attacking a Conservative plan they haven’t even seen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

Mckenna and Trudeau belong to each other they both are very ,very ignorant They have to resort to yelling when they cant get anybody to believe them


Spencer I don’t understand why the liberals are attacking the conservatives climate plan either . They are pretty close to the same one they both want to join the in climate change agenda 2030 and the Paris accord if Trudeau’s attacking it they they are attacking they’re own plan.


I am really liking how Doug Ford and his Conservatives are working on their environment plans and including Ontarians suggestions and advice, some things are already in place but as it is decided more common sense no raising taxes just making a safer, cleaner, especially the water and animal life protections and recycling etc. That said, Alberta’s plan could save the world it sounds very pro active unfortunately Trudeau/Mckenna Lieberals just want to leave everyone poor and dirtier, tax tax tax… I for one think everybody should be looking at a home made in Canada’s Alberta, a really great environment… Read more »

Lance Boyle

This would all make sense… if carbon dioxide was actually “pollution” and/or actually responsible for the temperature of the Earth.


Can a pm (not my pm, ever) that shuts down the ethics commission really be taken seriously?

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and McKenna wouldn’t know what an environmental plan was ,even it was handed to them by their idol and god Al Gore. To Trudeau and McKenna, an environmental/climate change plan is something that has to be exploited for their own wealth and power,i.e. a carbon tax pretending to be a climate plan while actually just enriching the Liberal government with more power and tax dollars , while the citizens continue on a downward spiral towards universal poverty and servitude to a corrupt Trudeau lead, Liberal government. It is never a good policy of the Liberals and Trudeau to criticise… Read more »

bob Fry

The Conservative Climate Plan in my estimation will be as follows Incentives to Large polluters in the form of Tax reduction or year end refunds if targets meet and exceeded, the same for smaller businesses but they aren’t the big polluters and the push for them and the rewards will be less. Andrew Shear will completely eliminate the carbon tax. Let the business community governor themselves in reducing the CO2 levels, the technology for each business is within the grasp of all businesses, The reality is that Canada is only 1.6% of the Global CO2 issue.l This will give relief… Read more »

Brian Torrie

Consider this-Even though far fetched-Soros&his cohorts could employ returned ISIS terrorists to start forest fires in Northern Canada to support Liberal strategy for increasing Carbon taxes that aren’t used to fight climate change

Clive Edwards

Did McKenna actually mean, “Do Donald Trump and George Soros, among others, know what is in the best interests of Canada?” Sorry if I was reading between her lines;-)

Ben Eby

The only explanation can be serious, panic-level Desperation!