WEAK: Only 6% Of Canadians ‘Strongly Approve’ Of Justin Trudeau

Meanwhile, far more strongly disapprove.

The latest Ipsos poll shows Justin Trudeau’s approval rating hitting a new low of 36%, with 64% disapproving.

However, a closer look at the numbers shows that Trudeau’s support appears even weaker than that.

All the intensity is with the opposition to Trudeau.

According to the survey, just 6% of Canadians ‘strongly support’ Justin Trudeau, with 30% somewhat supporting him.

Meanwhile, 34% strongly disapprove of him, with 30% somewhat disapproving.

That intensity gap is a sign of how much division and anger Trudeau has created in the country, and the toll taken by his endless broken promises.

Trudeau came into office with high approval ratings, and much goodwill from the public. So, for him to now have a mere 6% of the country ‘strongly approving’ of him is a total indictment of his lack of leadership ability and his unfitness for the job.

Canadians have watched as Trudeau exhibits a strange and disturbing pattern in which he rolls over for Canada’s opponents, while demonizing Canadian values and demonizing people who disagree with him.

Our country has seen that behind Trudeau’s false ‘Sunny Ways’ facade lies authoritarian rage, an obsession with control, and lack of respect for Canadian democracy.

The challenge for the Conservatives is to capitalize on Trudeau’s weakness. That means Scheer must be able to generate strong positive energy towards him and his party. And that will have to be done in the face of an exceedingly negative campaign from the Liberals. Since the Libs can’t run on Trudeau’s popularity anymore, all they have left is trying to attack everyone else around him, setting the stage for brutal mudslinging, lies, and even more division in our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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