Canadians Decisively Reject Liberal Immigration Plan: Survey

But instead of listening, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is arrogantly lecturing.

Canadians have decisively rejected Justin Trudeau’s immigration policies.

That’s according to a recent Leger survey.

With the Trudeau Liberals dramatically increasing immigration, from around 250,000 per year to roughly 350,000 (a massive increase in a very short time), the Liberals are going against what the Canadian People want.

The Leger survey shows 63% of Canadians saying the government should be focused on limiting immigration levels, due to concerns about the ability to integrate large numbers of people all at once.

Meanwhile, 37% say the government should be focused on increasing immigration levels for economic purposes.

Those results show a clear and decisive majority of Canadians reject Trudeau’s plan to massively increase immigration.

But instead of listening to what Canadians are saying, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is lecturing us about how our opinion is apparently ‘wrong.’

As noted by the CP, Hussen is ignoring the results:

“Canadians may be worried about the ability of communities to absorb more newcomers due to housing and other infrastructure shortages, but Hussen says the answer is not to cut the number of immigrants coming to Canada.

“It’s not a zero-sum game,” he said. “I think the answer is to continue on an ambitious program to invest in infrastructure, to invest in housing, to invest in transit, so that everyone can benefit from those investments and that we can then use those community services to integrate newcomers, which will also benefit Canadians.”

That report also noted Hussen found the ‘public opinion trend’ ‘concerning.’

This shows the arrogance of Hussen, the Liberals, and the elitist ruling class.

If the poll had said a majority of people wanted more immigration, Hussen and the Liberals would be touting it as ‘proof’ that increasing immigration is the right thing to do. They would quote the poll everywhere.

Yet, since it says the opposite – since it shows Canadians opposed to their plans –  they say it’s ‘concerning’ and push back against it, instead of listening.

Once again we see that the elites have no interest in serving the people or listening to the people. We are irrelevant to them. When we disagree with their agenda, they ignore us, demonize us, and arrogantly lecture to us.

That kind of elitist arrogance is incompatible with democracy, as public servants are supposed to be listening to the People and doing what the people want, not imposing an agenda on us against our will.

The fact is, for a country of 37 million people to bring in 350,000 a year is among the highest – if not the highest – immigration totals on a per capita basis in the world. It is tough to integrate so many people so quickly, and even government studies have shown that local services are struggling and in some cases crumbling under the weight of such a large influx.

Canadians are right to have concerns, and the wisdom of the Canadian People must be heard and respected. If people are saying that we need to focus on lowering immigration, then that is exactly what the federal government should do.

Spencer Fernando

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