Amid Trudeau Scandals, Ethics Loom Large In Upcoming Campaign

Trudeau’s numerous scandals mean ethics will be a big issue in the election.

A new survey shows the vast majority of Canadians say ethics will be a key consideration in how they vote this October.

According to a Nanos poll, 73% of Canadians say the issue of ethics in government will factor into their decision.

Pollster Nik Nanos directly linked those numbers with the scandals of the federal Liberals:

“What this speaks to is Canadians want to hear from politicians about ethics, transparency and how our government should run as a top issue. Many times people want politicians and elections to focus on problems that need to be solved. What happened in the SNC-Lavalin controversy, and issues related to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, have added up to put a focus on ethics in government,” said Nanos.

“The Prime Minister put himself right in the middle of the controversy in terms of what he said and his intentions on SNC-Lavalin.”

Canadians put ethics above other issues, with 73% saying it will impact their decision, compared to 66% who brought up the economy and 53% who brought up the carbon tax.

This focus on ethics will be a big problem for Trudeau, as his time in office has been filled with one scandal after another.

People have noticed how Trudeau’s endless scandals and his attempt to cover-up those scandals has contrasted with his promise to run the most ‘open and transparent’ government in history.

Not only was that promise repeatedly broken, but Trudeau has run among the most secretive governments of all time – with even the Auditor General saying the Liberals are less open than the notoriously secretive Harper Conservatives.

The Liberals also created a $7 billion ‘slush fund’ of federal funds that can be spent without the usual legally required oversight of parliament, which they will be using to dole out money as the election approaches – a ‘fitting’ send-off to their endless corruption and dishonesty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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One thing politicians are great for is flipping the truth.
They will make it look like the other parties are doing illegal stuff that they themselves are doing.

Don Taylor

if Ethics are going to be a major that should guarantee that Trudeau and his gang of thugs will lose come october


Front page news, the Auditor General with this Lieberal expanded government claims it cannot audit all the LIEberal government departments? without a lot more money, that they have not received yet, so why have an audit when everything is hidden especially right before an election HMMM are they sold to the Lieberals too? we have not been able to trust this government at all, are they like the pretend independent (Lieberal) Senators now or our Lieberal bought out propaganda media? Or Elections ? foreign Canada, that let the Lieberals file their papers late even after the last fraudulent non Canadian… Read more »


I have mentioned the unique liberal ethics required to shutter the Ethics Commissioner’s office while being investigated for shall we say some rather liberal interpretations of ethics. Sad state of affairs.
But mention that $16 from the ancient past orange juice and watch some heads explode.

Clive Edwards

Actually, the carbon tax and the economy are also issues of ethics. Not to mention robbing Canadians to pay off foreign ethnic leaders. If Turdo gives them enough money now, they can expect even more in the future. It’s not just SNC Lavalin involved in international bribery.

Major Tom

Ethics……..when do the criminal charges kick in?


Trudeau has been found guilty of violations by the Ethics Commissioner five times and he simply ignored it. Using the words Liberal and ethics in the same sentence is an oxymoron.