Ignorance Is Bliss: Libs Denounce Scheer Climate Plan They Haven’t Seen

At this point they’re just admitting that they’ll attack the Conservatives no matter what happens.

The Trudeau Liberals are denouncing Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives’ climate plan.

There’s only one problem:

The climate plan hasn’t been released.

Scheer is releasing the plan on Wednesday, but the Liberals are already attacking it as if they know what’s in it:

“MEDIA AVAILABILITY – In advance of Andrew Scheer’s climate proposal on Wednesday, my colleague  @JonathanWNV and I will comment on conservative climate inaction at 4:00pm in the main foyer outside the Chamber of the House of Commons.”

As @Lumberist said in Twitter, this is a total ‘Derp’ from the Liberals:

“Derp. McKenna has been knocking it for days & you folks have no idea what it’s about yet. You are ridiculous.

Double Derp.”

It’s funny how the Liberals – despite their endless lies – love talking about how ‘facts matter,’ yet they’re attacking a plan they haven’t seen – not knowing the facts.

The Liberals seem quite afraid that Scheer might release a plan Canadians will like. After all, the Trudeau Carbon Tax is deeply unpopular, and the Libs are already trying to backtrack on future carbon tax increases – even as the Parliamentary Budget Office says the tax isn’t high enough to meet the climate targets the Liberals claim to support.

With the Liberal ‘plan’ (AKA Tax Grab) in tatters, all they have left is launching desperate and increasingly unhinged attacks on a plan they haven’t even seen.

Imagine what they’ll start saying if Scheer’s plan polls well and becomes more popular than the carbon tax? It looks like we’ve only just seen the beginning of the fear-mongering from the Liberals.

The Party of ‘Sunny Ways’ is now the party of personal demonization, lies, fear, and hateful rhetoric, as they tear everyone else down in their desperate effort to stay in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Mike Nelson

What a load of nonsense. We are part of a very dynamic ecosystem constantly changing with this planet’s climate over millions of years. We adapt or die. Man has absolutely nothing to do with it nor can we change it. The Co2 propaganda is a fraudulent hoax to grab more of your hard earned money. Wake up, people.
Polluting this planet is a totally different venue and yes we are.


The absolute best one I read was that 4 Lieberal University “Professors” worked out that the Lieberals environment plan was the cheapest way to fight climate change? yeah right.
I realize that the Conservatives are waiting to release their environment plan because the lieberals are just waiting to criticize it, but I see without knowing they lie anyway to get the first word in so to speak, since lieberals really do not have a plan just a business job killing tax and “kill bills” ( I liked that one Spencer, thank you.)


Libs are predictable in their fear mongering and predictions about the horrors Scheer will unleash upon humanity. Maybe the crystal ball the have would be better suited to finding winning lotto numbers.