London Calling: Acid Attacks On Rise In Toronto

A disturbing trend.

We rarely hear reports of acid attacks in Canada.

So, to hear of two attacks within about a week is quite disturbing, and is a trend Canadians certainly hope will not continue or spread.

As reported by The Post Millennial, “Two individuals were the victims of an acid attack in Toronto’s west end on Sunday afternoon. The incident occurred in a residential building at around 3:30 p.m.”

One victim suffered minor injuries, while the other suffered serious though non life-threatening injuries.

On June 7th, acid was thrown at a man and woman travelling with their child. Two people suffered minor injuries in that attack.

Two acid attacks in about a week is quite concerning.

Many will be worried about the possibility that we’re seeing what happens in London start coming to Canada.

London has been plagued with acid attacks. Just search ‘acid attacks London’ and you’ll see an endless stream of news stories about the brutal attacks that often leave people horribly disfigured.

The UK averages about two acid attacks daily. Over 470 of those attacks take place in London.

Much of the problem is soft-on-crime politically correct Mayors and politicians who have allowed crime to fester in their communities while virtue-signalling about non-municipal issues. Those politicians prefer grandstanding about national and international issues, rather than doing their jobs.

With that virtue-signalling trend increasingly taking hold in Canada, perhaps it’s no surprise to see a trend of acid attacks in our largest city occurring as well.

Spencer Fernando