With Credibility Shredded, Trudeau Reduced To Begging Trump For China Help

Trudeau’s foreign policy lies in ruins.

Justin Trudeau came into office talking a big game.

He would ‘re-engage’ with China, ‘restore’ Canada’s image in the world, and loudly proclaimed “Canada’s Back!”

Trudeau attempted to distance Canada from the US and sucked up to Communist China’s authoritarian rulers, letting them buy up sensitive Canadian companies and pushing for a trade deal that would have been an unprecedented betrayal of Canada’s working people.

After the election of Trump in the US, Trudeau upped the virtue-signalling to even higher levels, a campaign which continued when he lectured US VP Mike Pence about domestic abortion debates in America.

Yet, what does Trudeau have to show for all his foreign policy moves?

Nothing but disaster.

Trudeau’s foreign policy lies in ruins, his credibility is shredded, nobody fears or respects our country, and he is weak and powerless on the world stage.

Many reports indicate that Justin Trudeau will be asking Donald Trump to help secure the release of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig – who have been detained by the ChiComs (ChinaCommunists).

Why does Trudeau have to ask Trump for help?

Because China won’t even return his calls.

Chrystia Freeland tried to get a call with China’s Foreign Minister, and she was ignored.

Trudeau tried to get a call with China’s Premier, and he was ignored, then rejected.

That’s how low things have sunk for our country – other countries are flat out ignoring us and treating us with contempt, and getting away with it.

As I’ve said, this is a basic issue of the Trudeau government being weak and failing to understand human nature.

The more China has bullied us, the more Trudeau and Freeland keep repeating that they won’t retaliate. As a result, China – and other countries – release they can get away with anything. The failure to respond to bullying results in more bullying.

Now, as a result of that refusal to retaliate and the contempt that weakness generates, all Trudeau has left is to go ask Donald Trump (someone who shows a significant willingness to retaliate) to do Trudeau’s job for him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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