Another Day, Another Lib MP Not Running Again

Liberal MP Frank Baylis isn’t seeking another term, gives no reason for move.

Yesterday, Liberal MP Geng Tan – who had already been nominated – announced he wouldn’t be running again.

The announcement came as a surprise, and led to more questions about what Liberal MPs must be seeing on the ground considering how many have decided that they won’t be running again under Trudeau.

Now, just a day later, another Liberal MP is jumping ship.

Frank Baylis, the MP for Pierrefonds-Roxboro, says he won’t be running again.

Strangely, as reported by the Montreal Gazette, Baylis wrote a letter to the Liberal Caucus announcing his decision not to run, yet gave no reason for his decision – apparently not even the ‘spending more time with family’ reason that most people use.

Baylis on the Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs & International Development, as well as the Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics committee.

Baylis was previously the President of the Baylis Medical Company, so perhaps he is just tired with listening to partisan staff giving him orders on behalf of a PM who clearly isn’t up to the job.

Whatever the reason for his departure, we can add Baylis to the list of previously-elected Liberals who have decided not to run again under Justin Trudeau’s leadership.

On Twitter, Dan McTeague, who runs the highly-popular GasBuddy website, commented Baylis’ departure:

“Frank’s been a very close friend for 50 years. His years of service to the Party and constituents were exceptional. As an observer this is troubling. As an intimate of the party & knowing Frank, the departure of so many promising/talented rookies speaks to a problem with #PMJT

It’s an ominous sign for a government trailing in the polls, and it’s another indictment of Justin Trudeau’s failed leadership.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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How many is that now? Like 10 or more?

Terry Hogan

Pretty soon Trudeau’s Cabinet will be down to the size of a Doubles Tennis Team!


Something is going on that is driving many new comers to leave and the older ones who have been in the lib party for years like Brison, to suddenly leave with.a notion ‘to spend more time with family when we know it”s for another reason(Mark Norman).
Each lib mp seem to have a glowing report of Justin Trudeau, yet, they stay far away from talking about him.
If Trudeau is doing a glowing job why are the lib.mps leaving especially the new ones?.



If any of these Liberal MP’s have any ethicality, morals and honesty, why aren’t they telling Canadians the REAL Reason that they are leaving??

alan skelhorne

maybe mr. prissypants in Ottawa would put them in jail. that was simple, don,t you think.

Dave Allsopp

That’s a very important point!


These are the true and honest Liberals who have lost their trust in Trudeau, saw his breach of ethical behavior failed promises and continual lying along with stupid acts and statements.

Dave Allsopp

If this is signalling, it would be interesting to know who, other than JT, these MP’s are signalling!

Thomas Tass

The smell of defeat is filling the nostrils of many Liberals, some of whom realize that being a good MP is not enough and want out. Human nature is something even the Liberal elites cannot change with their non stop virtue signalling and apparent corruption of all things normal and merit based.

Ken (Kulak)

Maybe they do not like the drastic move further left.


Are you a Canadian or are you a Liberal?