BREAKING: Federal Cabinet Approves Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

But will it actually get built?

The federal government has approved the Trans Mountain pipeline, following months of speculation and delays after it was blocked in court.

Because of the damaging policies of the federal Liberals, investors were unwilling to fund the pipeline, leading to the government spending over $4.5 Billion taxpayer dollars to buy it.

Notably, that cost was just for the pipeline itself, not even for the expansion, which is expected to cost even more. And even with the approval, given the past failures of the Liberal government there is skepticism as to when it will actually get underway or be built. Still, the government says it will have shovels in the ground “this construction season.”

All profits from the pipeline will be spent on Canada’s ‘energy transition’ added Trudeau.

The announcement of the approval can be watched below:

While you wouldn’t often know it from the media coverage, the Trans Mountain expansion has strong support from Canadians, with the majority of people across the nation – including in BC – supporting the expansion.

Unfortunately, a large flood of foreign money – much of it from US billionaires – has sought to poison the minds of the Canadian People against our own energy industry. And while it hasn’t worked on the majority of people, it has worked on a small group of radical activists, who often get coverage that amplifies their message far beyond their actual support numbers.

And worst of all, those radical activists have pushed for legislation like C-48 and C-69, which will be devastating for the economy and energy industry, regardless of what pipelines get approved or not.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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james isnor

This announcement is an election ploy. The Trans Mountain will never be built while this PM and the Liberals are in power. More taxpayer money out the window. Just look at the price per barrel ($54.12) and then look at the price at the pump. Trust me despite the fools outcry and the foolish policies the internal combustion engine and hydro carbons will be her for a long time yet.


The last paragraph said it all, Spencer. So with paid radical foreign puppets at the helm, the stop Canada laws we are paying for also will need to be fixed, but it is an election year so like all radical socialists as long as they can spend our money and make false promises again, do they really believe Canadians will fall for this yet again. Vote all these foreign puppets out, lets get a really needed Canadian government and get our country back together.

alan skelhorne

I don,t trust this elite at all.


Spencer: What is the point in this failure of a government announcing the approval of the TMX expansion when Trudeau’s own “independent” senators are going to ram through Bill C-48 which will ban AB bitumen from being carried in tankers off the BC coast? Can’t see the need for the expansion if it can’t be shipped. Same with Bill C-69…more endless regulations and consultations. Makes no sense but of course I agree that it’s questionable if it would / will ever be built anyways. Maybe it’s just a carrot for our “leader” to dangle so Albertan’s feel we need to… Read more »

Gloria Saunders

Breaking News = That was nothing but an unpaid advertisment for the Federal Liberals. by Justin Trudeau. Bragging on and on, what this lame duck govt has achieved during thier 4 years in power. Nothing but a bunch of untruths and bad mouthing the Stephen harper government. The Liberal govt should be charged for this TV air time.


Justin approve of it to get votes then, when and if he is reelected he will shut down the TMX
Justin despises Alberta and western Canada, so approving TMX is a ploy to get votes.

If I was businessman, I will not do business in Canada. No sense spending billions of dollars setting up a business under a conservative gov for four years in their gov to end up being taxed again all over again under a liberal or ndp gov forcing me to close shop.

Brian Dougan

Shovels in the ground: When? “This construction season.” For the Turdo Liberals; that will be when turkeys fly.


Actually, turkeys can fly 🙂 Wild ones anyways. But yeah, no timeline for actually starting construction, just another empty gesture. #October