WATCH: Andrew Scheer Speaks About Trans Mountain Expansion

Says Trudeau allowed ‘radical anti-energy lobby’ to put project at risk.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is responding following Justin Trudeau’s announcement on the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

“Today is the third time the Liberals approved the Trans Mountain Expansion project. Approving it for a third time is meaningless, without a date and plan to get this built. Speaking to the media”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Anti energy radical? Hmmm – Trudeau allowed and still allows Aboriginals to lead/run the shows instead of him beinga leader and telling them thatu they have no more rights than anyone else in Canada!! Enough already!


Watching the questions put to Andrew Scheer ?? These are reporters who act like they do not know what has really taken place in our country, they have drank the lieberal coolaide The CBC reporter even acted like Andrew Scheer was criticizing trudeau ( who really deserves to be criticized ) but like always, even though it is not happening they like to say the Conservatives are attacking them when in fact the Conservatives are just telling the truth like it really is. How can we ever get back to truth and admission with news media like this, no one… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Canadians must remember that Justin Trudeau is and has always been against the oil industry. He has an agenda that he wants to finish what he father Pierre Trudeau started and that was to nationalise the oil industry, first by breaking it down and then forcing it to be bought out by the federal government. That is why he cancelled, without truthful explanations, northern gateway, energy east, and is still trying to cancel transmountain; only by trying to be clever, saying he approves building it and not say exactly when. Even the billionaire businessman Seymour Schulich, has said as much,… Read more »