Liberals Terrified Scheer Climate Plan Will Be Popular

That’s why they’re attacking it before even knowing what it is.

The Trudeau Liberals have been talking a big game on the climate.

But Canadians aren’t buying what the Liberals are selling.

Recent surveys show the carbon tax is incredibly unpopular, and Justin Trudeau is way back in third place as the leader most trusted on the environment, trailing Andrew Scheer and Elizabeth May.

It is beyond clear that the carbon tax is a total scam and a tax grab that has nothing to do with the environment.

So, with their own agenda being totally indefensible, the Liberals are reduced to attack politics.

They spent months attacking Andrew Scheer for ‘not having a climate plan,’ and then, once he gave a date for when it would be released, started attacking the plan without knowing what’s in it.

Their attacks show how afraid the Liberals are, and it’s pretty obvious what they’re afraid of: Scheer’s climate plan being popular.

Consider this: If Andrew Scheer releases a credible-seeming plan and pledges to do away with the carbon tax, then the Liberals are in big trouble.

And it already seems like Scheer is headed in that direction.

He’s pledged to scrap the carbon tax, and early indications are that his climate plan will bring back the highly-popular home renovation tax credit, and will incentivize large emitters to invest in technological advancement, while not imposing a tax on Canadians.

Scheer’s approach looks likely to actually focus on creating incentives within the private sector, rather than putting more money in the hands of politicians and the government.

If Canadians see Scheer’s plan as credible and are glad to see the potential of the carbon tax being scrapped, then many people will start asking why the best the Liberals could do was screw Canadians over with a tax that does nothing for the environment.

And with an election looming, that’s the last thing the Liberals want to talk about.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Spencer the only one that has the best climate plan is Maxime Bernier the liberals and Conservative want to join the inclination plan and that is unpopular the agenda 21 and agenda 2030 is bad. Both the conservatives and liberals want it


Maxime does have the best plans for the economy/environment as a whole but unfortunately some of the PPC candidates are no good, the one in my area is too far right almost loony I would say, same as the far left problem. But I like Maxime the most out of any leader but will have a hard time voting PPC over CPC this time around.


sorry I meant they want to join the UN climate change agenda 21 2030 and Andrew Scheer party voted with the Liberals on it.


The Conservatives lean more to the PPC platform of reward and support for innovation and adaptation rather than punishment as the Liberals are doing. This also doesn’t require massive amounts of Government debt, just some common sense adjustments to tax laws. Reduce or eliminate GST for example. How about requiring reduction of the CO2 in carbonated drinks? How about mandating the use of recycled plastics in things like decorative fences and outside furniture? How about encouraging farmers to use recycled plastic for corrals and fence posts? Recyclable containers? Drastically increase the deposit on them. 50 cents deposit on plastic water… Read more »


Justin is deliberately putting the fear of life on the public so they will reject the Scheer’s environment plan and vote for him again. And of course, the media will no doubt dissect every paragraph, every word, every day till election arrives.
The usual game played by the media to help elect the liberals again.


CO2 is a big farce making rich people even richer. The Sun is the main climate driver and always has been, we are going into a cold phase now. CO2 has been higher in the past than now with colder temperatures, and CO2 has been lower than now with higher temperatures. At 400 ppm there is no way CO2 could be a main driver, the gas properties could not allow it to be, physically impossible at those concentrations. CO2 is life, plants love it. If the Liberals so believe in this crap they should all stop traveling the world, better… Read more »


“We have to attack it before we see it”, kinda like Nancy and obamacare, ” we have to pass it to see what’s in it”. So we have a Nancy of the North ? LOL

old white guy

I will say one thing, it not beyond clear that the carbon tax is a scam. Just think , I have said this many times but not too many people are bright enough to grasp it. Carbon based organisms, living on a carbon based planet, of which we are one, trying to reduce carbon is not only insane but suicidal. Inhale exhale, that is what you are trying to eliminate. OK, now who wants to be the first to stop inhaling and exhaling?

Shawn Harris

Oh the irony of Trudeau’s words, his message for the last four years is that no one has a plan for the environment, except his Liberal party.Especially Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. Now the truth is out, Trudeau and his corrupt Liberals never had a plan, only thing the Liberals had and still have is a tax plan. A plan to enrich the government, massively increase borrowing, spending, taxation , to give Trudeau more power and to declare himself saint Trudeau, the saviour of the environment. And now, Trudeau appears to be only too willing to fall on his environmental… Read more »


This is exactly what Stephen Harper has been grooming him for. Start slow and small, be patient, build momentum. And make sure that when Trudeau goes, it happens artificially.