The Three Guiding Principles Behind Andrew Scheer’s Climate Plan

Conservatives say the climate plan builds on the legacy of their party on the environment.

The Conservative Party of Canada has released their climate plan.

The document, which the Conservatives says is 60 pages long, provides a contrast to Justin Trudeau’s extremely unpopular carbon tax.

On YouTube, the Conservatives said the climate plan was based on 3 key guiding principles.

You can read what they wrote below:

“A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment balances the need to fight climate change by lowering emissions with our core Conservative promise of leaving more money in Canadians’ pockets and letting them get ahead. Our plan is based on three guiding principles:

1. Green technology, not taxes is the best way to lower Canada’s emissions.

2. We will work with farmers, hunters and anglers, Indigenous peoples, provinces, and territories to promote a cleaner and greener natural environment to protect our air, land, water and wildlife.

3. Greenhouse gas emissions do not recognize borders. Canada has a leadership role to play and we must take our fight against climate change global. Our Conservative plan, A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment, is Canada’s best chance to meet the Paris targets, without a carbon tax.”

You can watch Scheer’s Climate Plan announcement below:

The debate over the climate in the next election is coming into focus: Technology vs Taxes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Still drinking the Kool Aid! Carbon dioxide has NOTHING to do with climate change but these spineless, so-called ‘leaders’ can’t bring themselves to declare the truth. Max and Trump have the guts to tell it like it is.


Still voting Conservative.


Fine, I’m not but you keep encouraging him to dance to the globalists’ plan on this obvious fraud rather than taking a firm stand to the contrary. A firm stand has to be taken against this pseudoscientific gobbledygook and though I have my misgivings on supporting Maxime, he has taken the honorourable road and not the expedient route. I for one don’t want Trudeau Lite V2.0.

Marion Leyland

I agree about CO2, however you and I are among the very few who haven’t been brainwashed.. If Scheer didn’t come up with a plan he would never get elected, just like Max won’t. Until the scientists come clean, there isn’t much choice but to have a plan. At least this plan doesn’t penalize the ordinary person. Whatever it takes we have to stop Trudeau from having another 4 years to finish ruining this country.


In all fairness, if he doesn’t do something he won’t get the vote, and frankly I’d rather Scheer of capt crayon any day. Thing is, at least his plan isn’t just another tax, it might actually help the economy.

John Galt

Canadians embrace Socialism. That’s why Sunny Way’s is a Socialist Lib. He’s a typical political opportunist. It’s the party with the best chance of giving him control of Canadians. If it were the Communist Party of Canada giving the best chance, he’d be the leader of the Communist Party. Which i’m sure he’d prefer anyway. My bet is Canadians will vote for Sunny Boy and his Communist Paris Accord next election. I could p u k e.