With Kent Hehr Still In Liberal Caucus, Hypocrite Trudeau Has No Credibility To Attack Michael Cooper Or Anyone Else

Trudeau should focus on dealing with his own screwed up party.

As we often see happen to Conservatives, the minute there is a whiff of criticism or scandal a bunch of leftists come out of the woodwork and emerge from the distant past in order to smear them.

That’s what’s happening to Conservative MP Michael Cooper.

Cooper was recently criticized for an interaction with a Justice Committee witness, for which he apologized.

Then, out of nowhere, two of Cooper’s former university classmates claimed he said something offensive a full decade ago.

While garbage allegations like that should have been ignored and dismissed out of hand, the corrupt establishment media of course brought attention to it, with CBC turning it into a major story.

And the Liberals tried piling on, with Justin Trudeau saying “I think what Mr Cooper said at committee, what he is alleged to have said in media reports, illustrates there’s an awful lot of room for intolerance in Andrew Scheer’s party. I think he needs to address that.”

Then, the Liberals said Cooper should be booted from the Liberal Caucus and tried fundraising off of it, with the official Liberal Party account tweeting and asking for email addresses – so they can send fundraising emails:

Here’s something very interesting however. The Liberal Party Tweet was retweeted just over 150 times and received 463 likes. Yet when I responded to the Tweet and pointed out the pathetic Liberal Hypocrisy, I received far more Retweets and Likes:

“Why is Kent Hehr still in the Liberal Caucus? Retweet if you think Justin Trudeau is a hypocrite who should focus on his own screwed up party before attacking others.”


Nearly 600 Retweets and 800 Likes, far more than the Liberal Tweet.

This is a sign that Canadians can see through the Liberals’ hypocrisy, and realize that Justin Trudeau should be focused on his own screwed up party rather than attacking Michael Cooper and others.

The fact is that the real hate, bigotry, and intolerance is coming from the Liberal Party. The Liberals have treated Canadians like garbage, accused our nation of genocide, demonized Patriotic Canadians, and acted against our national interests over and over again.

Millions of Canadians can see that the real problem facing our country is the divisive and intolerant agenda of the Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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