Ahmed Hussen Wants “Higher Refugee Numbers Every Single Year,” Displacing Economic Immigrants

Move could further damage Canada’s immigration system, and reduce support for legal immigration.

With Canada’s immigration system already under strain due to Liberal policies – with even government reports indicating a growing burden on local public services – Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen wants to change the system even more.

The problem is, his changes would damage the system even more.

Many polls show dropping support for legal immigration in Canada, and that drop in support has been caused by the massive immigration increases imposed by the Trudeau Liberals, increases that were made against the will of the Canadian People.

Despite repeated surveys showing that the majority of Canadians wanted immigration levels either kept at the level of around 250,000 per year or lowered, and with fewer than 10% wanting higher numbers, the Trudeau Liberals pushed ahead with huge increases, bringing the number to up to 350,000 per year.

It was also recently revealed that Canada had resettled a record number of refugees last year – even more than in the United States despite their population being 9 times larger than ours.

But for Ahmed Hussen, none of that is enough.

He’s now pushing for Canada to bring in even more refugees, and use the economic immigration stream to do so.

Here’s what Hussen said, according to the CP:

“My wish is that we continue to increase levels in our immigration system for refugees. I’m very open to saying that, and I will do whatever I can, in whatever position I am in, to continue to push for higher refugee numbers every single year.”

One way to dramatically increase those levels would be to open up economic immigration streams to refugees in addition to humanitarian programs, Hussen said.”

And that doesn’t even include those crossing into Canada illegally.

Of course, that is a huge concern.

There is a reason that the refugee program and economic immigration program are separate.

Economic immigrants are picked for their predicted ability to contribute to the economy in an immediate and long-term way.

Canada’s immigration system has been praised throughout the world, and our system has relied heavily upon economic immigration.

That has enabled immigrants to help contribute to the economy, pay into the system, and integrate successfully. In turn, that economic success and integration success is what led to strong support for immigration across the political spectrum.

But now, that is all being put at risk by Hussen and the Liberals.

It is simply a reality that individuals who come to Canada through the refugee program have a higher likelihood of using welfare programs, have lower levels of employment, face more difficulties integrating, and generally are a net cost to the country for a longer period of time.

And while it’s good for Canada to provide a safe haven to people in need, we can’t help everyone, and we must acknowledge that there can be a cost.

What that means is, while many Canadians live in poverty and struggle, Ahmed Hussen wants to change the immigration system in a way that will redirect money away from Canadian Citizens, and impose larger costs down the road.

As a result, Hussen’s changes will actually further reduce support for immigration, and reduce support for accepting refugees, further dividing Canadians and increasing the likelihood of a substantial backlash.

We have a government that ignores the will of the Canadian People, imposing more and more immigration when people are asking for the opposite, and messing with the parts of our immigration system that are actually working well.

It’s dangerous for the future of Canada, and it’s anti-democratic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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