WATCH LIVE: Trudeau Meets Trump At White House

China and trade on the agenda.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is visiting US President Donald Trump at the White House.

Trade is on the agenda, with Mexico having passed the updated NAFTA. With passage in Canada a mere formality with the Liberals and Conservatives expressing support, that leaves the US.

Trump and the Republicans are expected to support it, with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House the final stumbling block.

In addition to trade discussions, China will almost certainly be talked about.

With two Canadians detained by the ruthless Communist State under false pretenses, and the US engaged in a trade war with China, it is expected that Trudeau will ask Trump for help.

You can watch a live feed of the meeting below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau is two-faced.

Gerri Page

There’s Trudeau with that smug look on his face like he is so important. Trump will see what a loser the PM is and knows nothing about politics unless he has special ear plugs or notes written for him. Cut him down to size Trump.

William Roberts

Definitely the smartest interview I’ve ever seen Drama Boy do.He said nothing which is a very good thing.


Do you actually think justin is there for Canada after belittling her, insinuating that we are genocidal country allowing terrorists to roam on our streets, do you?
He is only there to save his ass and gain votes.


Great display of Donald’s ability to be diplomatic, respectful, charming, generous considering who he’s hosting right now! Who he’s hosting, on other hand, is relys on his famous impish smile & dramatic hand gestures to show his personal prowess & immense understanding of all things worldly. Wouldn’t be surprised if negotiator Donald comes up with solution to 2 Canadians presently caught in Canada-Chinese crossfire.

Thomas Tass

The press in the room was largely disinterested in Canada’s PM as Iran and even NASCAR was more important to the discussions. The Canadian PM looked out of place the Presidents references to him as “Justin” time after time showed both the tone and interest. Trump had his flag on his lapel. The Canadian PM did not display his patriotism at all. Spoke volumes.

George Townsend

Why does PM Trudeau look like a wimp?


Trudeau looks like a wimp, because he is a WIMP!


Run Trump Run until we have a PRIME MINISTER who gives two chits about Canada.

Major Tom

Man meets boy…..