‘Jihadi Jack’s’ Parents – Who Once Attacked Andrew Scheer – Found Guilty Of Funding Terrorism

UK court sentences them to 15 months in jail.

The parents of ‘Jihadi Jack,’ a UK citizen who went to Syria to fight for ISIS, have been found guilty of funding terrorism.

Despite being warned by police that that they could be prosecuted if they sent Jihadi Jack money while he was in Syria, John Letts and Sally Lane sent the money anyway – giving him 223 Pounds Sterling.

They were sentenced to 15 months, with a suspended sentence of 12 months.

Jihadi Jack – who willingly joined one of the most evil groups of all time – is now detained in Northern Syria by a Kurdish group.

Interestingly, Jack’s parents had once attacked Andrew Scheer in an open letter back in October of 2018:

Part of the letter said “I am writing to you because I have to do something to challenge the misinformation that has appeared in the Canadian media recently — lies repeated and exaggerated by Mr. Andrew Scheer. Mr. Scheer confidently claimed that Jack is ‘a known jihadi fighter’ — a blatant lie that he knows is untrue. Simply repeating a lie four times does not make it true.”

As I wrote at the time, “Instead of criticizing Scheer, perhaps the Letts should focus on dealing with those charges against them.”

And now, those charges have led to a guilty verdict.

The fact remains that ISIS is among the most evil groups of people that have ever been seen on the face of this earth. Those who join that group are complicit in the crimes of ISIS, which include mass rape, selling women and girls into slavery, burning people alive, crucifying people, drowning people in cages, beheading people, and more.

Those who are or were a part of ISIS must be punished, and those who assist them must be punished as well. Zero tolerance.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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“Simply repeating a lie four times does not make it true.” You have that backwards lib. Ask climate barbie.


Glad Jihadi Jack is not Cdn.Trudeau would be bringing him back to Canada and giving him money


Apparently Trudeau is bringing him to Canada through the citizenship of his father.

Joyce Ramer


Joyce Ramer

They should be in jail longer! Jack’s Parents, I mean!

Don Piche

If these people are guilty of sponsoring Terrorism by funding it then shouldn’t this logic also apply to “Team Trudeau”‘s policies of doing much the same thing only on a much larger scale??!!!

Joyce Ramer

Jack’s Parents should be in Jail longer!