The World Laughs At Canada As We Cripple Our Energy Industry With C-69 & C-48

A gift for Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, the US, and all oil producing nations that we compete with.

Imagine that you’re getting ready for a big hockey game.

Before you head out on the ice, your coach decides to take one skate off each of your teammates feet.

Sure, you can still head out on to the ice, and you can still (barely) skate around, but you’ll be laughed at, humiliated, and obviously defeated.

It sounds crazy, but that’s basically what the Trudeau government is doing to our Canadian energy industry.

With Bills C-69 and C-48 passing the Liberal-controlled Senate, Canada’s energy industry is being shackled to an unprecedented degree.

And behind the scenes, we can be sure that other countries are laughing at us.

Imagine what the OPEC nations are thinking: They’ve built their entire economies and societies on oil wealth, and here they see Canada – a nation with gigantic oil reserves – crippling our own production and robbing ourselves of billions in potential wealth.

Imagine what the US is thinking: They’ve got us as a captive oil seller, and now we are going to have a nearly impossible time trying to expand beyond our dependence on that market. They get cheap oil from us, while they can sell their oil for more on the world market with less Canadian competition. They win, we lose.

We look like fools, and it’s thanks to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals doing the bidding of US billionaires and radical far-left groups that want to cripple our own energy industry.

Meanwhile, the world-wide demand for oil is projected to continue surging, so that demand – and the immense amount of money to be made by supplying that demand – will simply go to other nations.

And those other nations have lower-environmental standards and lower labour standards than we do, so our failure to supply the demand will mean higher global emissions and worse conditions for workers.

As the world laughs at us, we also face a growing national unity crisis, with the federal government betraying Alberta and Saskatchewan to an unprecedented degree.

That’s the result of C-69 and C-48: A crippled energy industry, a poorer nation, and a unity crisis.


Spencer Fernando


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