The World Laughs At Canada As We Cripple Our Energy Industry With C-69 & C-48

A gift for Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, the US, and all oil producing nations that we compete with.

Imagine that you’re getting ready for a big hockey game.

Before you head out on the ice, your coach decides to take one skate off each of your teammates feet.

Sure, you can still head out on to the ice, and you can still (barely) skate around, but you’ll be laughed at, humiliated, and obviously defeated.

It sounds crazy, but that’s basically what the Trudeau government is doing to our Canadian energy industry.

With Bills C-69 and C-48 passing the Liberal-controlled Senate, Canada’s energy industry is being shackled to an unprecedented degree.

And behind the scenes, we can be sure that other countries are laughing at us.

Imagine what the OPEC nations are thinking: They’ve built their entire economies and societies on oil wealth, and here they see Canada – a nation with gigantic oil reserves – crippling our own production and robbing ourselves of billions in potential wealth.

Imagine what the US is thinking: They’ve got us as a captive oil seller, and now we are going to have a nearly impossible time trying to expand beyond our dependence on that market. They get cheap oil from us, while they can sell their oil for more on the world market with less Canadian competition. They win, we lose.

We look like fools, and it’s thanks to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals doing the bidding of US billionaires and radical far-left groups that want to cripple our own energy industry.

Meanwhile, the world-wide demand for oil is projected to continue surging, so that demand – and the immense amount of money to be made by supplying that demand – will simply go to other nations.

And those other nations have lower-environmental standards and lower labour standards than we do, so our failure to supply the demand will mean higher global emissions and worse conditions for workers.

As the world laughs at us, we also face a growing national unity crisis, with the federal government betraying Alberta and Saskatchewan to an unprecedented degree.

That’s the result of C-69 and C-48: A crippled energy industry, a poorer nation, and a unity crisis.


Spencer Fernando


While Justin Trudeau forces Canadians to pay for the establishment media with his corrupt bailout, Spencer Fernando seeks VOLUNTARY contributions. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Civil Civilian

Well laughing is a bit under their “Roll out the Barrels” of fun on a World Wide comedy of total errors by the trudy show..soon very soon we can laugh once again.


I think we have lost our country to all of these one world fake political parties and most of the one world news media. With elections Canada also corrupted I think all we can do is separate and if we still have any strong honest leaders, so we can trust them but none of our present politicians because no one is telling the truth, no one is fighting all this corruption, they all seem to want Canada as a country gone, I really hope I am wrong but even the Conservatives appear to want to remain in the corrupt UN.… Read more »


It is critical that every Canadian understand that c69 is not just about crippling oil and gas but the resource sector in general. I have read a good portion of c69 . You need not read it in its entirety to clearly see that it is designed to shut down all future resource development including lumber , mining and even hydro projects . So eventually the libs wish to see Canada as the worlds largest park. If c48 and especially c69 is not reversed by the Conservatives in the Fall , it is entirely possible that we all will begin… Read more »

David MacKAY

Don’t worry Trudeau has legalized Marijuana as a social distraction like the beer most Canadians cannot afford.

old white guy

The comming election will be just one more footnote in the long march to communism and an economy that resembles Venezuela. Remember, all parties except one are primarily socialist and when in Canada have you ever seen a tax or a law recinded?


Canada is heading for an Economic Depression fully generated by our politicians.
Our basic living survival was taken away for a promised economic prosperity for all…
Unbalanced rules and laws is what we currently have and a political mindset of look how large and empty Canada is, let’s fill it with immigrants with current Canadians paying for it while the governments pass out money to prosperous companies and groups to look good while bankrupting us.

Bill D

Everyone who understands the impact the Liberal government has on our lives and nation should hold anyone they know who voted for a Liberal in the last election PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE for the results and problems down the road. I have fired the ones I know as they have acted to cripple my life and livelihood.

old white guy

Not just liberal, conservative or liberal lite, the green party and the n d p are all the same.

Raymond Merkus

trust the Lieberals to create a two tiered system, where Quebec can receive dirty Saudi oil and Alberta can’t get any out. Sure, they’ll build the pipeline, but whatever for?????

Shawn Harris

Canada and Canadians have never before been witnesses to such an open and cowardly betrayal of not only our oil industry, but also our economy, and our sovereignty. Trudeau by willfully and openly surrendering our oil industry, to do the bidding of his American paymasters and surrendering to pretentious and deceitful, so called environmentalists has lead to the near collapse of our oil industry, which is the foundation of our economy. Worse yet, Trudeau by deciding to abandon his duties to protect Canada and Canadians from all threats, both internal and external, has opened up Canada and Canadians to all… Read more »

Gerri Page

Anyone who votes Trudeau back in will be equally responsible for what he has and will continue to do to Canada. We have to save Canada and then make Trudeau accountability for what he has done once he is out.


Gerri, first we will have to buy back our RCMP, our Military, our mainstream media, get our legal system back truthful, equal and fair, get out of the UN, make some type of laws so our corrupted politicians and backers cannot lie to us anymore – or go to prison and all the under the table money moving into their trusts be taken from them. 100% agree that after this unethical, un-moral, unnecessary debt and corruption being done to our Canada, must be reversed and those who caused all this corruption charged. Honesty and common sense (old people used to… Read more »

martin potashner

liberals are famous for wrecking country’s

old white guy

Canada and Canadians, who or what is a Canadian? Have been a laughing stock for a long time now.

Feldwebel Wolfenstool

…a-a-a-and ANOTHER big donation flows into the turdeau Foundation…


Humm Canada, the only country in the world that destroys it’s own economy to be able to virtue signal and show how politically correct the government is. The Germans, Swedes and Danish aren’t even that stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.
Anybody else need need a bigger reason to secede from this con job called a federation.

Brian Dougan

I like Spencer’s analogy. Remove one skate. Adding to that; give each Canadian player a hockey stick–one foot in length. I’m reminded of a ridiculous video: North Korean “fighter” pilots were practicing–running around with toy jets in their hands…like a bunch of children. “Fearless Leader” is seen laughing in the background. I’m sure Turdo is laughing at us as well.