WATCH LIVE: Kenney Rips Trudeau Government For Attacks On Alberta

Says bills are unconstitutional.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is commenting on the discriminatory legislation that has been passed by the Trudeau Liberal dominated Senate.

Following the passage of Bills C-48 and C-69, Kenney says Alberta will launch constitutional challenges.

You can watch Kenney’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Even the courts are controlled by the Trudeau Gov. The media would rather see Canada(their children’s, own country fall apart than take down or go against Trudeau.

Donald O'Kane

Just how stupid does Trudope think we Canadians are. He approves TMX then 2 days later brings in bill C48 and C69 to stop them from shipping the oil out. What are we to do, fill 1 liter bottles with oil and swim them oversees? What a moron!


Jason Kenney needs to be ready to handle this problem much harder if the Trudeau bobble heads stay in power with what is looking like another fixed election. I wonder how many Canadians are still reading the paid anti Conservative news media and believe that Trudeau will build the twin pipelines as there is little news on the other two bills blocking this. how sad is this ( I am trying to remain polite, when I am very angry at the outright lies we are being told by politicians and their fake news, while blocking the truth with Canadians money… Read more »

Chris vrecko

Thank you Spencer. Kenny, I couldn’t agree more. We are thankful that you are willing to keep up the fight. Blessings and sending prayers of safety and a clear mind .

dave j f

well , i totally agree with what kenney is saying, trudeau and his band of pirates are walking all over the western provinces , forcing taxes, forcing the cessation of natural resource development, the same happened in manitoba with the minnesota power line, which was approved, but he had his fingers in it, , i agree, its time the west seperates from the east, lets see how well they can fair for themselves, my guess is go broke in a year . the amount of natural resources from manitoba west blows what the east has out of the water 3… Read more »

ken smith

What a joke we are fighting to live and JT and the Liberals are fighting to destroy us and Canada.

Shawn Harris

All of Trudeau’s anger and hatred of the west and it’s oil power , is just a replay of Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Plan. If anyone can stop Trudeau from undermining and destroying provincial authority over natural resources, it is Jason kenny. These discriminatory and very economically damaging pieces of legislation, are Trudeau’s revenge upon the west for having humiliated and destroyed Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre’s, plan to nationalize the oil industry, in 1980. Bills C69 and C48 are Trudeau’s weapons being used against Alberta and Saskatchewan,with a main main purpose to undermine provincial authority over natural resources to the… Read more »

Rob Gillespie

Oh, and btw, that money Alberta pays in “equalization” is NOT for the “rest of the federation”. It is for the federal government to buy the cooperation of Quebec with whatever they want to to to TRoC.