RIGGED SYSTEM: While Trudeau Hikes Taxes On Middle Class Canadians, Elites Stash Over $350 BILLION In Offshore Tax Havens

The elites continue treating the rest of us like suckers.

When he was running for PM in 2015, Justin Trudeau’s entire campaign was based around his rhetoric of ‘helping the middle class and those looking to join it.’

While the Harper government had done a good job getting Canada through the global economic crisis, many Canadians were hoping for big middle class tax cuts, and Trudeau told people what they wanted to hear.

But as we have seen, Trudeau instead hiked taxes on middle class Canadians, scrapping popular tax credits and imposing a carbon tax that is making everything more expensive, hurting middle class and working class Canadians the most.

Meanwhile, it turns out that even as middle class Canadians are being taxed to a massive extent, the elites are stashing more money overseas than anytime in history.

According to a report by Press Progress, “Canadian corporations held a staggering $353 billion in 12 of the world’s biggest tax haven destinations in 2018. At the top of the list, Canadian corporations reported holding $90 billion in the tiny European nation of Luxembourg alone — that’s up $8.4 billion since 2017. Luxembourg is followed by Barbados ($65 billion), Bermuda ($47 billion) and the Cayman Islands ($40 billion), Statistics Canada’s data on Canadian direct investment abroad reveals.”

Keep in mind, when we talk about “corporations” here, we’re often talking about offshore holding companies set up by elites to stash their money and avoid taxes in Canada.

Yet, those same elites love to try and control Canada’s political system and influence the direction of the country they aren’t paying taxes in.

It’s quite telling that Justin Trudeau has failed to initiate any large-scale crackdown on the use of offshore tax havens, even as he and the Liberal government take more and more money out of your pockets.

That double-standard is exactly why more and more Canadians feel (rightfully so) that the system is rigged against us. When those at the top are able to stash their cash overseas, while the rest of us have to deal with endless tax hikes, it becomes quite obvious that those in power are treating us like suckers.

Spencer Fernando


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Ah, our foreign run, questionable transparent, UN-Canadian government, kinda makes you wonder how much all our money grabbing politicians have socked away through their secretive trusts etc
Be very careful what we vote for.


What can he say? When your paid off in many different ways, the little people don’t matter.
He did his job quite fine for them. Even buying a Pipeline company at an inflated price when the company was in trouble.

Shawn Harris

Greed has never had any conscience and the same goes for Trudeau and his backers in the corporate world. And the best example of this greed by the elites in Canada, is the SNC Lavalin affair. It was all about money, greed and power; for all to see the direct connections between the two worlds of money, power and politics.If there is anything that Trudeau is doing, that can be seen as a benefit to the public , he is exposing it for all to see, the extent of the greed by those who support the Trudeau Liberal party. Another… Read more »

Ron Shaw

I’ll bet you lunch that crooked Lieing old Bill M . Our incompetent finance minister of non accountability , and his claim that small businesses that aren’t paying enough tax’s , and then there’s Canada’s most disliked , lieing , terrorists loving over taxing un -Prime Minister and just generally hated by over 60 % of Canadians in the know and another 10 % of Canadians who just don’t care , then there’s 30 % of just ignorant Liberals who think a monkey in a liberal suit and tie will lead them into the magical promised land of unicorns and… Read more »


Doesn’t that just figure?! The politician line their own pockets first and couldn’t care less about “the middle class and those working hard to join it”.


So, it’s too late for me but how can I advise my children who are both self employed. One is a somewhat dependent contractor who does a few side gigs, but his primary source of income is a Canada based distributor owned by a UK distillery. Should he set up an account in the Caymans and have a portion of his earning deposited there? Is tax evasion only for the wealthy and corrupt?

Clive Edwards

The Lieberals are indeed creating “good paying middle class jobs” for accountants, lawyers and bankers in these tax haven countries…and the money is staying in Canadian hands rather than being given to dictators so they can properly educate the local “girl” populations.


And you wonder why the young people are leaning towards socialism. In their eyes capitalism has failed to protect them from a future of never ending debt.

old white guy

Typical, a law for thee but not for me.

William Jones

Why wouldn’t they ‘treat the rest of us as suckers’?? We voted them in, and that proves their point.