Canada Sheds 16,000 Jobs – ADP

ADP Canada National Employment Report details losses in multiple economic sectors.

Canada’s economy has lost 16,000 jobs according to the ADP Canada National Employment Report.

Here are the key numbers:

Manufacturing – 1,400 jobs lost

Construction – 11,200 jobs lost

Natural Resources and Mining – 1,300 jobs lost

Trade/Transportation and Utilities – 2,300 gained

Information – 2,500 jobs gained

Financial Activities – 1,400 jobs gained

Professional and Business Services – 400 jobs gained

Education and Healthcare – 1,900 jobs lost

Leisure and Hospitality – 1,100 jobs lost

Other Services – 5,700 jobs lost

This shows a concerning loss of jobs in tangible economic activities, and contrasts with the emerging narrative being pushed by the government and the media that claims the economy is ‘strengthening.’

Canada still faces significant economic struggles, with stagnant growth, a rising cost of living, and a disturbing divergence from US growth, with our neighbour to the south growing much faster than we are.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab