Nanos Poll: Liberals Catch Up To Conservatives Following Release Of Scheer’s Climate Plan

No boost for Scheer from plan release according to poll.

If Andrew Scheer was hoping for a boost from the release of his climate plan, the latest Nanos poll seems to show otherwise.

According to the poll, the Conservatives have lost their lead over the Liberals, with the parties now tied at 33%.

The survey diverges from some other polls in showing the Liberals catching up to the Conservatives, and also diverges in terms of the NDP leading the Greens by 7 points (17% to 10%).

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have fallen in terms of accessible voters, with 42% saying they would consider voting Conservative, while 47% say they would consider voting Liberal.

Trudeau also leads narrowly as preferred PM, with 28% compared to Scheer at 24%. Those are extremely weak numbers for a sitting PM, and Trudeau’s lack of support is a big problem for the Liberals. Yet, it appears that Scheer is still struggling to take advantage of it.

The Conservatives do hold a narrow lead in the Nanos Party Power Index, with 51% compared to the Liberals 50%, but even that is down from the previous survey.

It appears that Andrew Scheer has not received a boost from the release of his climate plan, and appears to be on the defensive on the issue. Some have pointed out that by playing into the Liberals framing of the climate issue, Scheer is now playing on Trudeau’s turf, rather than turning the issue to his advantage.

That said, this is just one poll, and it differs from other polls that have shown the Conservatives with a solid lead, and have shown the NDP falling into either a tie, or even trailing the Greens.

So, we should wait for some other surveys to find out whether this latest Nanos Poll is an outlier, or a trend.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

I hope that these polls are wrong especially since all of the scandals and lies that have come out of Turdeau’s govt. any sane person would think that the liberals would be no higher than 25%


I will vote Andrew cheer no matter what, he has morals he doese not lie ,he is a real Canadian and doese not come from money and he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth .


nanos is a liberal poll getter. none of what you said is true. this is fake news 100% completely

Aldo Ferrone

Agreed. Nick Nanos is so far up Trudeau’s rear end this is all B.S.

Geoff D

You are absolutely correct. The polls that end with “os” are both Liberal friendly. Ipsos and Nanos. What do the Angus Reid polls say?

Ben Eby

Canadians have to remember this is a Nanos poll. They differ from most others in favor of anything the socialist broadcasters, CBC, CTV and Global, want Nick to say!


Well, Nick Nanos is a lib supporter, so not surprising. However, I can’t believe people in this country would be so foolish as to vote these guys back in again.

Norbert Kausen

WHAT IS WRONG WITH CANADIANS????? Trudeau the preferred????? Fiberals TIED with Conservatives????? Something does NOT add up!!! I think the polls are being fudged! WHO in their right minds would vote Fiberal????? IF they get in, this country will be ruined…. DESTROYED FOREVER!!!!! THEN there will be a dissolution of Canada, with the provinces seceding from confederation… or… CW!


This is why I think this poll is screwy. In the last few weeks there have been any number of polls / surveys etc that show liberal support across the country is waning. Even the east coast is electing PC’s (NS last week I believe elected one). And I believe it was just last week Justin was in 3rd place I believe as mos desirable as leader, with May in 1st and Scheer in 2nd.

Norbert Kausen

Bernier for PM!!!

Trevor Marr

We can not split the vote, we need Max and Andrew to make a plan, because the GREEN NDP Liberal coalition have a plan we do not want!


Bernier works for Trudeau


Most polls are utter NONSENSE. They are ‘push’ polls designed to shape public opinion, not reflect it. Ignore them and the legacy MSM assiduously.

pancake rachel corrie



Prove it.


oh i have proof but sadly it is not mine to share


Who in their right mind would give 4 more years to these corrupt incompetents? Anything will be better than Trudope and his gang. Simple as that.


Fake news Nano’s numbers always favour the liberals

Richard Murphy

Love this disclaimer “That said, this is just one poll, and it differs from other polls that have shown the Conservatives with a solid lead, and have shown the NDP falling into either a tie, or even trailing the Greens.”
Showing that they don’t even believe their own bs…hilarious

Ken (Kulak)

Spencer’s third last paragraph nails. Trying to please your enemies will not make them your friends. Scheeer needs to come out boldly and call the Paris Accord for the fraud that it is., and no carbon taxes of any sort, and that they are based on a monumental lie.

Shawn Harris

Summer time polls are as believable as saying unicorns actually exist. No one would believe them. And just who was Nick Nanos polling, the citizens in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal; all Liberal strongholds of socialist fantasy and belief. So just like Trudeau is twisting this election in his favour, so this poll is a twisted and warped piece of fantasy, released to cheer up the Liberal base of voters. The only poll that matters and is real, is the one on October 21 .When it comes time to vote, most voters will see that Scheer is the better choice to… Read more »

Gerri Page

I can’t believe that Canadians are that stupid as to give even one vote to the Liberals. Don’t they read the papers? Forgot about CBC, CTV as they are Liberals stations. Trudeau is destroying this country and giving us nothing in return and soon it will be over run with illegals and Muslims dictating to us. If you don’t like Sheer then vote for Max Bernier who rightfully should have been the PC Leader but it was taken from him. Trudeau has to be dethroned – wake up….


Here is my question:
Do you prefer:
1 the Liberal Carbon TAX plan
2 Conservative Climate Plan which contains NO TAX.


Still, Scheer’s “Climate Plan” is a nothing burger. Bear in mind he won the Conservative leadership on the 13th ballot.
God help Canada

Thomas Tass

The only poll that will count is the one that takes place in October. If the lying Liberals are truly neck and neck with the Conservatives than it would be something short of a miracle considering their excellent track record of corruption and deceit. On the on the other hand buying off elections Canada and the media does have a way of influencing folks who are only peripherally interested in the demise of the country. The real story here is that Canada is rapidly becoming a stooge on the international stage and domestically its becoming a dysfunctional state as it… Read more »


Scheer had very quickly start looking like and sounding like a strong alpha male with a strong aggressive personality. Bowing his head while reading a speech, and talking quietly and gently, sometimes to the point where we can’t even hear him, does NOT project a strong leadership example. Nobody gives a darn which house he and his mum lived in, or that mummy brought him up to bla-bla-bla .

The Country of Canada will be destroyed with another term of Trudeau.

Diane DiFlorio

I need to get the heck out of North America if this prick takes power again.

Mic Vancouver

Nanos is a poll???? I thought it was a tool to help Trudo feel good about himself!!! Always wrong and always commissioned by the CBC…so you know it’s fake news!

Clive Edwards

Isn’t the Nanos Pole a feature of one of those Vancouver Davie Street clubs Turdo frequents? I hear anyone who sees him dance and teasingly take off his socks wants to vote for him. Unfortunately, those poles aren’t as popular as Turdo thinks….


Where are the numbers for the PPC party? This is a fake poll,

Trevor Marr

Make Trudeau Single-Use in October! I am supporting Scheer Reality!

William Jones

Although I, like many others, will vote Conservative out of necessity to attempt to save our country from an incompetent self-serving egomaniac Scheer simply does not ‘cut it’ with all-too-many Canadians and that is cause for worry. If Trudeau is not tossed – and tossed far – in the upcoming election, Canada as a nation is doomed. I do not make that comment from hysteria, but from watching, listening and deeply considering our immediate problem and the potential solution. At this moment in time, there is only ONE solution and that is the decimation of the Liberal Party of Canada… Read more »

Mary Ann McKinnon

Keep in mind Trudeau came from third place to win from Harper. I liked several elements of Scheer’s climate plan. They have to keep selling it (repeat it louder and more often as McKenna does). Now, who are the dummies who would rather have a carbon tax that does absolutely nothing for climate change??


I don’t believe this Poll !

Dirk Hoogendoorn

There is an element of Canadian society that will look for any positives to vote Liberal and the Conservatives better be ready for that. Trudeau has proved over and over again that he is a political survivor, He will say the things that itching ears want to hear. If the Conservatives hope to win the next election then Scheer will have to really step up his A game and a band of provincial Leaders support team otherwise we will be stuck with Trudeau for another 4 years.


Nanos is a liberal supporter,, let that sink in