Nanos Poll: Liberals Catch Up To Conservatives Following Release Of Scheer’s Climate Plan

No boost for Scheer from plan release according to poll.

If Andrew Scheer was hoping for a boost from the release of his climate plan, the latest Nanos poll seems to show otherwise.

According to the poll, the Conservatives have lost their lead over the Liberals, with the parties now tied at 33%.

The survey diverges from some other polls in showing the Liberals catching up to the Conservatives, and also diverges in terms of the NDP leading the Greens by 7 points (17% to 10%).

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have fallen in terms of accessible voters, with 42% saying they would consider voting Conservative, while 47% say they would consider voting Liberal.

Trudeau also leads narrowly as preferred PM, with 28% compared to Scheer at 24%. Those are extremely weak numbers for a sitting PM, and Trudeau’s lack of support is a big problem for the Liberals. Yet, it appears that Scheer is still struggling to take advantage of it.

The Conservatives do hold a narrow lead in the Nanos Party Power Index, with 51% compared to the Liberals 50%, but even that is down from the previous survey.

It appears that Andrew Scheer has not received a boost from the release of his climate plan, and appears to be on the defensive on the issue. Some have pointed out that by playing into the Liberals framing of the climate issue, Scheer is now playing on Trudeau’s turf, rather than turning the issue to his advantage.

That said, this is just one poll, and it differs from other polls that have shown the Conservatives with a solid lead, and have shown the NDP falling into either a tie, or even trailing the Greens.

So, we should wait for some other surveys to find out whether this latest Nanos Poll is an outlier, or a trend.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube