Trudeau Slammed For Taking ‘Personal Day’ Instead Of Attending Return Of Fallen Canadian Soldier’s Body

The PM needs to get his priorities right.

Being PM is certainly a stressful job, and it’s necessary to take a break once in a while for physical and mental healthy.

But there’s a time and a place for ‘personal days.’

And sometimes, regardless of what else is happening, a PM needs to step up and fulfill their duty.

That is most important when it comes to honouring those who died in service to our country.

That should be the most basic test of whether a PM is able to truly represent Canada and show respect for those who put it all on the line.

Justin Trudeau failed that test.

As reported by Siddak Ahuja of The Post Millennial, Justin Trudeau took a ‘personal day,’ instead of attending the return of Bombardier Patrick Labrie’s remains:

“The body of Canadian Armed Forces Bombardier Patrick Labrie, who was killed during a NATO exercise last week in Bulgaria, was returned to Ottawa on Saturday for a memorial service. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was not present to pay his respects.”


Trudeau had nothing else scheduled, as confirmed by his itinerary:

On social media, many Canadians reacted with justified outrage, with people pointing out that Trudeau should have been there, and that taking a personal day instead is a disgrace.

While Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan was in attendance, Trudeau needed to be there as well. And it’s not like it was far away, considering that Trudeau was in Ottawa, and the repatriation of Labrie’s remains took place in Ottawa as well.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated example of Trudeau showing disrespect to the Canadian Armed Forces.

We all remember how Trudeau told Veterans they were “asking for more than we’re able to give right now,” even as he fought them in court (after promising not too), and even as he gave billions to foreign countries.

Trudeau also promised to bring back the Pension for Life, yet his promise turned out to reduce the support many Veterans will receive.

And while the Conservatives also often failed to help Veterans, it must be pointed out that Trudeau campaigned on doing better, and then broke that commitment once he had power.

So, we once again see that Trudeau’s priorities are broken and in many ways 100% the opposite of what Canadians value.

Spencer Fernando

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This Idiot PM has NO Respect for Veterans who have given their lives for our freedom. The loss of Life of a Veterans is NOT Important to him because his Agenda includes taking away our Freedom of Speech and all other Freedoms that our Veterans have fought so hard for Canadians to enjoy. Trudope has NO Respect for our Veterans who give their lives for our Freedom and NO Respect for Canadians who are mourning the loss of another Freedom Fighter!


Where was the dear leader surfing today?

Don Taylor

Trudeau hasn’t got what it takes to a PM of our country ,which you are supposed to think of your Country First and those that protect her


Nice, the biggest of the liberal liars doesn’t show up so the second biggest lier Sajjan shows up. The one that supposedly runs our military. For the life of me I can not understand how these people show up each day. Day after day their bald face lies are exposed . And they act like it never happened. Sajjan, telling Canadians how he was the architect of Canada’s biggest offensive in Afghanistan, when in fact he wasn’t even part of the main group but a major reservist serving as a liaison officer. Why he wasn’t kicked out of parliament is… Read more »


Trudeau and his LIEberals radical agenda are for a post national UN divided tribal state, as they have stated even before being falsely elected, they have never been there for Canada or Canadians,have even stated they want to replace colonial Canadians,especially if you are “white”. LIEberals are only here for making Canadians more debt and spending our Canadian tax dollars wildly around the world, while pretending to help “girls” and promote for the corrupted UN and their environmental communism and shutting our once good country down. So I would guess that an on duty Canadian soldier dying for Canada, would… Read more »


Correct me if I’m wrong, but PM Harper didn’t show up for all the returning fallen from Afghanistan either did he? That being said, there were a LOT more of them coming back, so I wouldn’t expect him to show up for every one.
This, however, was a single occurrence, and fancy socks should have made an appearance. It is obvious that he cares not one whit for our military, just like his dad (Castro or Trudeau, take your pick)

William Jones

Trudeau has his priorities right — HIMSELF. As for our armed forces, they represent something that Trudeau — as did ‘daddy’ — hates anything that is specifically Canadian. Remember that at election time.


Considering that this is the Prime Minister who thought he should only have to show up one day a week in the House of Commons, what else can we expect?

old white guy

I hate to agree with the p m on anything but having parliment show up one day a week, 52 days a years might be a good thing. They will be able to do less damage.


Trudeau’s disdain for canada includes the military who died for canada and of all of us canadians.

God BLESS this soldier and all soldiers who died for Canada.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau the Anti Canadian, lives down to the expectations most Canadians have of him. Trudeau’s priorities are himself, fake feminism, deceitful compassion and concern for issues to be exploited; such as the environment, national unity, rights and freedoms. Last and of no concern to him is the death of a Canadian soldier who gave his life , so Trudeau could concern himself with only his needs , while pretending to care for those he is supposed to serve. In Trudeau’s mind, a fallen soldier is not worthy of his attention or honouring his sacrifice by attending the return of his… Read more »

Dianne Worley

Trudeau is garbage. If Quebec votes him in again, say goodbye to confederation. We are done with him.

Trish Osadchuk

But yet he feels it was important to dance around with all the naked people at the Pride parade. I am beyond disgusted with this so called Prime Minister.

old white guy

Trudeau has no respect for any white Canadians or any real Canadians. He fawns over welfare immigrants and gives billions away to those who have never produced anything in their entire lives other than more welfare seekers. Respect, ha.

James Lajambe

Let’s be honest, would the family want him and the media circus that follows him at this service…I don’t think so…


Well, I guess he needed time to get his hair colour touched up … so important.


Freedom is a dirty word to Liberals like Trudeau and the whole of his party. They want a one-party system modelled after, take your pick, China or Cuba. Oh are they communist tyrannies? yep and if the USA wasn’t on our border Canada would be today as well.