More Escalation: Communist China Banning Canadian Meat

Canada continues to be humiliated and bullied by the Communist State, while the Trudeau government shows nothing but weakness.

I don’t know how many times I have to keep saying it.

But apparently, it needs to be said again and again and again.

The Trudeau government’s refusal to retaliate against China continues inviting more bullying of our country.

Every time China escalates, the Trudeau government makes it clear they won’t escalate or respond with strength, which only sends the message to China that they can get away with anything.

And now, the Communist State is blocking all exports of Canadian meat.

China’s action follows the Canadian government informing China – yes, Canada actually told China about this – that there were some illegally forged pork export certificates.

China responded to this ‘openness and transparency’ from Canada by calling for a ban on all Canadian meat exports from our nation.

In a statement, China’s embassy said “The subsequent investigation revealed that the official veterinary health certificates attached to the batch of pork exported to China were counterfeit and the number of those forgery certificates was up to 188. The Canadian side believes that this incident is criminal offence. These forged certificates were sent to the Chinese regulatory authorities through Canadian official certificate notification channel, which reflects that the Canadian meat export supervision system exists obvious safety loopholes.”

Now, China is calling for Canada to ‘suspend’ all export certificates for our meat products heading to China, which amounts to a ban.

The federal government is said to believe the ban is temporary.

In a statement, Conservative agriculture critic Luc Berthold slammed the Liberals: “Conservatives know that Canadian farmers produce some of the highest-quality meat in the world. Any assertion by the Chinese government to the contrary is both false and baseless. It is clear that this is not an issue of food safety, but a political issue caused by Justin Trudeau’s incompetence and weakness on the world stage.”

In what is certainly not a coincidence, the Communist State once again called on Canada to intervene and end the extradition case against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. Of course, that would violate our extradition agreement with our closest ally the US. China knows that, and the real reason for the export ban and all the rest of the bullying against Canada is that China realizes they can get away with it, and are using our country as a way to send a message to other Western nations.

By showing repeated weakness, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are playing right into China’s hands, and the Canadian People are paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

As long as the low life Trudeau and his pathetic gang are in office canada will continue to suffer,Turdeau must be kicked out of office in October,in order for our country to regain our respectability on the world stage


good, the meat will go down in price . perfect . thanks china .


Another victory for team trudeau and his minions. This excuse for a political party needs to be exorcised.


Canada doesn’t have the power to retaliate. There isnt anything that canada provudes to china, that they cannot receive from someone else. We, on the other hand rely on lower cost imports, items we use but do not make here, or refuse to pay higher price to make, and sell to ourselves.
This is the liberal plan… to isolate us from the world stage, making it so no one will invest in us. And why should they… Trudeau won’t invest in us. All so he can come outa “hero*…by selling us out to the UN…

Shawn Harris

Trudeau has several options he could pursue, such as booting the Chinese ambassador from Canada, revoking the visas of Chinese students studying here in Canada and sending them back home, placing import duties on all Chinese made goods and services. And finally get rid of the Chinese associations, which are controlled from China and operate here as supposedly non political associations, but are in fact spie organizations according to CSIS.But as we all know, Trudeau doesn’t have a spine and is too interested in his desire personal power, at the expense of Canadian needs. Trudeau’s elitism and aloofness, prevent him… Read more »