REPORT: Vice-Admiral Norman To Retire

A big loss for Canada, as a good man leaves public service following horrible mistreatment at the hands of the federal government.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces, not long after the government made it clear he would not be allowed to return to his former position as second in command of the military.

Here’s what Norman and the defence department said in a statement:

“Vice-Admiral Norman remains committed to the Navy, the Canadian Armed Forces and their mission. However, after consulting with his family, his chain of command, and his counsel, Vice-Adm. Norman has decided to retire from the Canadian Armed Forces. Both parties believe that this resolution will return focus to the critical work of the Canadian Forces, which is the protection of all Canadians.”

A settlement has also been reached. That settlement is not being disclosed by the government.

This is a big loss for Canada.

Norman had proven himself to be a man of integrity, as he was subjected to a brutal campaign against his reputation, a campaign that put his freedom at risk and was seemingly initiated for political reasons by the Trudeau government.

Norman received vindication when the charges against him were stayed, yet – in an appalling move – the Trudeau government refused to return him to his former post, leaving his position in limbo.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and the Canadian People deserved far better than this.

“We live in a screwed-up world when someone like Admiral Mark Norman is basically forced to leave public service while someone like Justin Trudeau remains in office. Twilight Zone stuff.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Perhaps he will now be free to tell the full side of his story.

Perhaps – even better – he will run for office. He would be hard to beat.


A man of integrity is an obvious conflict of interest when dealing with the libs! Shame libs.


Anyone dedicating to canada is an outcast. Anyone dedicating to jihadi trudeau remains in the fold.
Which one does your dedication lies:
Canada? Trudeau?


It still would be correct to release Vice Admiral Normans, truth, to know his side, of course we will never know the truth, as we have mostly LIEberal fake news only and there is probably a lieberal ban on V.A. Norman telling us what really happened or even if he ever found out? This destructive puppet government must be taken down very soon.

Brian Dougan

Right on the money Spencer. A perfect summation of this travesty. The Vice Admiral forced out; while Trudeau remains in office. One man served his country with distinction; while the repulsive; lying; dishonorable Turdo tears us apart.


That settlement should come out of our glorious “leaders” trust fund. He also needs to be investigated and charged by the Rcmp for Obstruction of Justice but that seems like it will never happen. So disgusted to be a Canadian now.


It really is like another episode of The Twilight Zone, isn’t it?

Norbert Kausen

The settlement had better be MORE than 10.5 million!!! Trudeau should have been held to account, removed from office and charged with political interference! He should also be charged criminally for SNC Lavalin and he should be charged with TREASON for everything else he has criminally perpetrated against Canada!

Thomas Tass

In the land of could have, would have, should have known this is what happens to anyone that bucks the policies of the new nation state. Let be a warning to all who challenge the Liberal cabal. With the intent and speed at which the Liberals are working the media and all the ancillary systems October may be too late for Canada.


I guess Greed always trumps Honesty and Integrity. Mark Norman said that he just wanted to get back to work. Now, he is retiring, after a gag order and I would believe an enormous amount of money. Where is the story that Mark Norman had to tell Canadians? We are still waiting! Canadians even gave to his “Go Fund Me” Account, and this is what we get from Mark Norman. After all that Trudeau put him and his family through, he is now being bought out by Corruption. I am truly disappointed with Mark Norman, not standing up to Corruption,… Read more »