REPORT: Vice-Admiral Norman To Retire

A big loss for Canada, as a good man leaves public service following horrible mistreatment at the hands of the federal government.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces, not long after the government made it clear he would not be allowed to return to his former position as second in command of the military.

Here’s what Norman and the defence department said in a statement:

“Vice-Admiral Norman remains committed to the Navy, the Canadian Armed Forces and their mission. However, after consulting with his family, his chain of command, and his counsel, Vice-Adm. Norman has decided to retire from the Canadian Armed Forces. Both parties believe that this resolution will return focus to the critical work of the Canadian Forces, which is the protection of all Canadians.”

A settlement has also been reached. That settlement is not being disclosed by the government.

This is a big loss for Canada.

Norman had proven himself to be a man of integrity, as he was subjected to a brutal campaign against his reputation, a campaign that put his freedom at risk and was seemingly initiated for political reasons by the Trudeau government.

Norman received vindication when the charges against him were stayed, yet – in an appalling move – the Trudeau government refused to return him to his former post, leaving his position in limbo.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and the Canadian People deserved far better than this.

“We live in a screwed-up world when someone like Admiral Mark Norman is basically forced to leave public service while someone like Justin Trudeau remains in office. Twilight Zone stuff.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube